Sales Tip #7: Prompt Decision Making

Sales Tip #7: Prompt Decision Making

“A stitch in time saves nine”

An early action to a minor problem nullifies it before the onset of a disaster. A very meaningful thought that if taken care of at each stage of work, will help you in avoiding blunders. This fact is needed to be taken care of in sales as well. Prompt decision making creates a good image of the seller as well as saves him from losing a customer. (more…)

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Improve Lead Response Time

How To Decrease Sales Response Time

There is a famous saying in sales ” You can not improve what you cannot measure”. Statistically speaking, Lead conversion is determined 57% by the lead quality and 43% by lead response time. Therefore, Lead Response Time becomes an integral part of your businesses.

An effective lead response analyses as how much time your sales representatives take to get in touch with the qualified lead. According to a survey done by MIT, if the sales representative gets in touch with the qualified sales lead, it drastically decreases the chances of success.

On the other hand, [Tweet “If the lead is contacted within 5 minutes, the chances increase by 21 times.”]

In this present age of rapid connectivity, customers are omnipresent. They keenly analyse your website, promotional marketing content and email campaigns. Moreover managing your lead response time can boost your sales team confidence and can assure a more assertive conversation with the lead. (more…)

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motivation sales videos

7 Motivational Videos to Thrive your Sales Team

Everybody gets bogged down in some way or the other in life. The same aspect goes with your sales team as well. The constant pressure of performing and delivering results knowingly or unknowingly drains your sales team physically as well as mentally. Sales is a constant battle through adversity.It’s a transference of energy — from seller to buyer — and an invigorated excited Sales team is the necessary prerequisite for sustained, long-term success.

We all love epic and inspiring videos, Don’t we? They are hailed so much that some of the case studies have shown that inspiring videos on YouTube have served as a great motivator of a sales team irrespective of their size!!


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7 Sales Follow up Mistakes to avoid

The meaning and understanding of sales have evolved drastically over time. In the past, sales meant only buying and selling of goods.

But now making sales happen isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Sales mean not only the transaction of goods but also knowing about customer’s needs and requirements. Proper analysis of the needs and requirements of the customers is mandatory to keep the wheels of sales turning.

Usually, it is a toiling task to captivate a client for the long term. Therefore, it is essential for any organization to keep good sales rep that can follow up nicely. (more…)

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7 Must Read B2B Sales e-books In 2016

Sales have been a tedious process over a period of time. Moreover, if the salesperson does not keep up with their targets they are bound to get bogged down which would hamper their progress. It is a famous saying ” Books are men’s best company“, so if the sales team is provided with good and comprehensive sales books like b2b sales e-books in the midst of adverse time it would prove to be a boon for them. Moreover, Authentic sales tips  and proven methods will enable your sales team to re-sharpen their strategies and work methods. (more…)

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Sales Tip #4: Be Spontaneous

“Strike while the iron is hot”

When you have the opportunity to do something, do it before you lose your chance. A very basic tip to not to allow your customers go somewhere else when you are there. By hook or by crook, sustain the charm on your customers. For that purpose, you need to inculcate the quality of being spontaneous. Whenever you find the loophole, just fill it by your wits. Your customers will be very happy to have you at their door-step. (more…)

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15 Words to Power Your Sales Pitch

“Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours wisely”

A very popular saying which emphasizes the “POWER of WORDS”. Well, words can turn your simple calls into perfect sales. But what if your words don’t leave that impressive impact on your customer?

Many times it would have happened during the call that, you would have used such words without knowing their correct usage. This would have left a not so positive impact on your customers. Well, this is no big problem. One can close his/her sales very easily by learning their usage.

The answer to above question is to be impressive while talking with having a perfect grip on the usage of sales words. Yes, SALES WORDS! (more…)

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