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Saleshandy 3.0 Beta is Open

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Introducing Saleshandy 3.0 beta — up to 7x faster, rock-solid stability, powerful features, and a whole new user interface.

It’s a big day here at Saleshandy. It’s been a long road and a lot of hard work from everyone on the team to get here, and we are thrilled to announce that the Saleshandy 3.0 beta has arrived!

To check out the new Saleshandy, simply sign up here and we will be rolling out gradually. In case you already registered for early access you would have received an email. If you haven’t received the email, expect it to arrive soon.

Beta access will be rolled out incrementally to all who have requested early access, and for the rest of the month, we’ll be all hands on deck to continue pushing out improvements and fixes as fast as we can.

During this time we encourage you to send us any and all feedback that comes to mind. We request you to keep in mind that this is still beta, which means you may find some hiccups in our otherwise wonderful service.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s new

A new foundation

Saleshandy 3.0 is more than just a new coat of paint. Saleshandy has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. All of it.

Built for speed — Saleshandy 3.0 is up to 7x faster than the legacy version. Sequences load in an instant, search results are returned quicker, and the UI is designed to help sales folks do their jobs faster.

Built for reliability — We have built new infrastructure to provide the highest availability and best performance. New infrastructure is capable of serving millions of users & self-healing mechanisms to make it more robust than ever.

People — Our engineering team is in the best shape and size ever, with more than half of our Engineering team now dedicated to improving the stability and performance of the product. I can say that every team member at Saleshandy is passionate about what they do.

Security – Redesigned authentication and authorization architecture will provide the most robust and reliable security. We use OAuth2 & JWT for authentication. Also, we use cloud HSM encryption to keep the data secure and confidential.

Measurements – We are capturing every unidentified exception in software, so that we can resolve your concerns regarding software immediately and reduce the turnaround time. As this helps engineers spend less time to find the root cause and deliver the resolution faster.

Built for the future — Last but not least, rebuilding Saleshandy increased our development velocity going forward. That means quicker turnaround on features, integrations, and bug fixes

Sequence – A better way to engage with your leads

We know how frustrating it is to create a new campaign every time you want to add contacts therefore we fixed that. With Saleshandy 3.0 you can add contacts anytime even after the sequence has started sending emails.

Add multiple variants in stage and A/B test your email content. A/B testing will help you try out multiple variants of email for the same step and identify the best email message copy, an email message that gives more opens, replies are considered as winning copy.

All new Prospects Module

Prospects are the potential customers that you want to outreach through a sequence and engage in a conversation. All the prospects are managed from the prospects page. In each prospect entry, you can save relevant contact data such as phone number, email address, social media accounts, company information, timezone, any specific field, etc.

You can import prospects via CSV file or add them manually one at a time. You can see active sequences for each prospect and add prospects to new sequences directly from the prospects page.

Custom Fields

Custom fields come in handy if you want to add specific information about the contact. With that said, you can also use the custom fields to highly personalize your emails.

Schedules (delivery window)

We know how unprofessional it is when your emails deliver on weekends. We got you covered with Schedules.

A schedule is a time window for sending automated emails. For example, if you create a schedule with a time slot from 10 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday, Saleshandy will only send automated emails during that time. 

You can create multiple schedules based on your requirement and use them in a sequence.

We hope you enjoy the new Saleshandy.

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