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With the growing technology, the world has become very small. No matter what distance apart you are from your friends and family, you can always be at one place with the help of technology. This is applicable for the businesses as well.

Since the advent of video conferencing, the business representatives are able to reach their clients as well as other business associates within a blink of an eye. No doubt GoToMeeting is the kingpin in the field of video conferencing tools but at the same time, this tool involves a huge fee too. Therefore, small-scale business projects may not find it quite affordable. However, there are sundry numbers of alternatives to GoToMeeting. Among those alternatives, SalesHandy shines the most with the outstanding features.

We are briefing you with the best features of SalesHandy which you can find as an alternative to GoToMeeting.

Here we go:

1. Audio

Though GoToMeeting is exceptional in providing the best features of audio, Saleshandy is no less than GoToMeeting, by facilitating the user with remarkable audio features. There is an inbuilt tool for VOIP which facilitates the user with best suitable way.

2.Core Features

GoToMeeting has incorporated desktop & application sharing which can be done with the help of SalesHandy with much ease.

  • Desktop & Application Sharing can be done easily.
  • One is able to join the meeting irrespective of the devices.
  • One only needs a browser to connect to any demonstration.
  • There is no client-side installation of the software.

3. Instant Online Meetings

For the online meetings also, SaleHandy can be the best GoToMeeting alternative. Let’s have a glimpse of the few features:

  • Email & instant messaging tool
  • One can even start meetings from MS Office.
  • One click meetings can also be done.

4. Audience Management

With SalesHandy, one can easily manage their audience so that it becomes easy to give an online demo.

  • The registration of audience for the demo or meeting can be done easily.
  • One can easily customize the invites that are supposed to be sent.
  • User-friendly interface which allows monitoring the participation of attendees.
  • Kick option is there which allows you to remove any of your audiences in the mid of the meeting.

5. Large Group Events & Trainings

Large group events and various interactive training can also be conducted with the help of SalesHandy.

  • Very easy to invite guest panelists.
  • Materials for the demo are available in the module itself (before, during, after the demo).
  • Further, the content library can be maintained which can be used further for the demo.

6. Security Options

The best options available in GoToMeeting for the security purpose are being provided by SalesHandy at very affordable price.

  • The feature of encryption is available for better security.
  • The option of security control over desktop sharing helps you protect your data.
  • There is also an option of keeping password which helps secure the document. Suppose you have shared a file with your client and now you no more want to share that file with your client, you can always change the password of your document so that the client won’t be able to access the document.

7. Duration

While using SalesHandy, the time period of the live demo can be unlimited. One is able to host n number of meeting for n hours of time without any worries. one can even host training sessions that would last for longer time duration.

8. Customizable Logo:

There is also an option of embedding Logo of your company, which will help you with the marketing of your company or product.

9. Cost Efficiency

Last but not the least, a very important factor which makes SalesHandy shines the most is its cost effectiveness. It is absolutely free for up to three team members. The other plans are also very nominal.

  • Regular Plan:
    • $10/user/month which is billed annually.
    • Live Meeting is Free in this plan.
  • Plus:
    • $20/user/month which is billed annually.
    • Live Meeting is Free in this plan.
  • Enterprise:
    • $30/user/month which is billed annually.
    • Live Meeting is Free in this plan.

The aforementioned features help you understand the profitability of using SalesHandy. Now you can easily host an online event including your demonstrations to the clients, online meetings etc. Hope you have a better option at the instant if you don’t want to use GoToMeeting.

By Arpan Shah

Arpan Shah is the CTO and Co-founder of SalesHandy- A Data analytics and Communication tool. He has expertise in Product Development and User Experience Design. He also writes about Sales and Technology.

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