SalesHandy: Introducing New Pricing Structure

Saleshandy new pricing structure

When we started off in 2015, our vision was not merely making a set of small sales tools but also to make Data-driven productivity tool for all the professionals. So we have decided to create a different price structure which could help us meeting our future goals and offer better services to our customers.

It’s been a great support of our valuable users and team members to reach a point where we can consider various other possibilities to grow and improve as a productivity tool.

The new pricing structure

We always wanted to create a cost-effective tool with delivering the best quality features. After reviewing our plans to ensure we can continue to deliver the best, we have decided to adjust our pricing in a way that helps to ensure that we can use our resources in appropriate directions to make SalesHandy more efficient and still retain ourselves as a cost-effective tool. See new pricing structure. Read highlights of new pricing structure below:

  • Moving all the Email productivity features (Email tracking, scheduling, reply tracking, templates, Outlook integration and Bcc to CRM) from Free plan to Individual plan in $2.45/month(billed yearly).
  • In Free plan, users will get Unlimited email tracking, Unlimited read receipt notification and Free from SalesHandy Branding
  • The latest release of Auto follow-up(multi-stage campaign) feature will be available in Team Plus plan(15.95/user/month). Please note that Auto follow-up is free for 14 days for all the current customers and free users.
  • Note that, all the existing free users will be granted with 30 days to switch to any other plan of SalesHandy. If no action is taken in 30 days, existing free users will be restricted to only free email tracking.

Why are we charging a minimal amount of $2.45 for the individual plan?

By charging this minimal amount, we will be able to set off some cost burden which will, eventually, allow us to use our resources to deliver SalesHandy we envision. In Individual plan, Users will get the whole email productivity toolkit at a reasonable price at $2.45/month(still the most cost-effective compare to other email productivity tools)

In order to improve and provide more value to our customers, SalesHandy had to come up with the individual plan. Discussing new price structure was a difficult decision. Ultimately, we came to a conclusion that this business decision would allow us to leap one more step ahead and we will be able to offer better services to our customers. The faster we release powerful, new features, the more helpful we are to customers.

If you have any doubts regarding our new pricing structure, you can contact us at We want to explore the ways of helping our customers and make this transition as smooth as possible.


Dhruv Patel

A marketer, people person, SaaS enthusiast, hustler & growth hacker. Always smiling & ready for help. Co-founder at @SalesHandy