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How to skyrocket your inside sales by tracking lead’s behavior4 minutes read

So you’ve got the hang on top inside sales strategies. Your lead generation has picked up. Your conversion rate is not bad. You achieved your previous quota goals. Now you want to push the limit a level higher. You have probably sent a million cold emails to your prospective clients. You’ve effectively started producing content to match the needs of your customers.

You are smarter. However, you need to reinvent your marketing strategies. You need to optimize the lead generation process by employing a powerful and dynamic marketing approach-tracking your lead’s behavior.

How do you do that?

Here are 3 tips on how you can execute behavior-triggered lead tracking.

1. Data tracking, Analysis, and Segmentation

The first thing you need to do is to track your data. Your data tracking should result into real-time, adequate responses of leads. After successful data aggregation, you can comfortably analyze and segment it. The point of lead tracking is to find lead signals that you will follow. This approach prevents inside sales teams from employing the disastrous ‘one size fits all’ lead generation approach. Now, once you accumulate enough data you need to analyze and segment that data. The data should be segmented depending on each action of a visitor, its character and the form of reaction triggered.

2. Developing lead behavior tracks

You have offered enough content to your prospects. You have sent enough cold emails. Now, what remains is tracking the performance of your campaign. Inside sales reps needs to develop efficient and reliable lead tracks or pathways. The beauty of it all is that you can segment your leads in different categories. You need to know what your prospects are looking for. However, it is hard to track, collect and efficient analyzing the data single-handedly. You need to go high-tech.

  • Track the number of file opens. Get to know when your prospects opened the files you sent them. This is important as it lets you know which lead to follow up to avoid wasting time on dead leads.
  • Track the time the prospect spent on a collateral -Your client may be interested in a single or various collateral from your sales campaigns. Tracking time spent on each of your collateral helps you make an informed decision on which collateral your prospects spent more time on. The upshot of gaining such insight is that you can easily modify your sales pitch to suit your prospect’s interest.
  • Pay attention to their attention- You need to know which prospect was paying attention during the live webinar, meeting or conference. You also need to know which client missed the meeting or those who may have joined the meeting.
  • Engagement Score – Engagement score is about identifying and handing over the best opportunities to the sales team. Those who have been in the profession for some time will confirm to you that separating chaff from grains with regards to lead generation needs lots of intelligence. Engagement scores inside sales teams to review their collateral and allow them to quickly engage prospects who are ready to make the next step – sales closure. Software tools like Saleshandy values customer’s behaviors and actions, thus helping inside sales team track a lead with the highest probability engaging them for deal closure.
  • Email Notifications – Most marketers spent large chunks of their time refreshing their emails to see how their email campaign is fairing. The importance of real-time notifications for businesses can never be underestimated. This is because real-time notification puts inside sales reps in control. With new sales acceleration software coming up, sales reps no longer need to hit refresh buttons anymore. You can automatically receive email notification when a prospect submits a form on your landing page so that you won’t miss out on hot prospects.

3. Advanced lead behavior tracking—think in and outside the site

Actually, you are not limited to the kinds of behavior you can track. The decision on whether the information you have been relevant or not will depend on the content your lead. Are you creating on-site events? Think outside the site, there are many opportunities out there. You can receive a referral from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. It is important that you take note of these integrations so that you can develop an advanced lead tracking path to grow your sales.

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Lead behavior tracking is a large source of data waiting to be tapped into.However, you need the patience to build a successful behavior lead tracking strategy. It does not take a day or two to come up with an accurate picture of any prospect. You need to patiently and regularly analyze data to get insights into the prospects behavior.


By Arpan Shah

Arpan Shah is the CTO and Co-founder of SalesHandy- A Data analytics and Communication tool. He has expertise in Product Development and User Experience Design. He also writes about Sales and Technology.

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