What is Cold Email? (Definitive Guide-2022)

Cold email? What is a cold email? Is it like the spam emails I receive or any promotional emails? Do you often scratch your head thinking about this? Well, then our handy guide is here to clear your doubts. 

In this guide, you will learn every aspect of cold email. From its meaning to how to send an effective cold email. In short, everything. 

So, let’s get started! 

P.S: It will be a long ride, so keep your notes and coffee handy.

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20 Best Cold Email Service Providers (Features & Pricing)

Cold emailing is a tried and tested method for email outreach that is used by several Sales professionals and marketers. If you are someone that wants to scale your outreach campaigns, then investing in cold email software is a move in the right direction towards closing more deals.

Cold emails help you generate qualified leads, narrow down prospects and eventually aim for a conversion that turns a prospect into a full-blown customer! 

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10 Best Alternatives For Lemlist 2022

Are you looking for an alternative to Lemlist? With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best one possible for you. 

Perhaps you have a list of goals for your cold outreach campaign and a tight budget to adhere to; so you need options that are pocket-friendly and results-driven. This list offers a comprehensive view of 10 different alternatives for Lemlist completed with reviews, pricing, and features. So delve right in, and make the best possible choice for you. 

Here are the top 10 Lemlist alternatives that we recommend that guarantee results. 

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Cold Email Outreach For Link Building: Definitive guide 2022

Whenever you decide to do a cold email outreach campaign, questions like, will the outreach work? what if my email lands in the spam folder? is cold email outreach the right pick? pops in your mind.  

Amid all these questions, cold emails remain effective and popular. Hubspot’s statistics say that 86% of business professionals prefer email as a communication medium. 

Looking at the statistics, it is safe to say that cold email is an integral part of any communication, even in your link-building campaign.

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Track Cold Email Links: Effective Methods 2022

In the past, we barely had any control over our email campaigns. Today, thanks to the evolution of technology, we have a far greater level of control. With email intelligence tools, we are able to track multiple components of email marketing. 

Email link tracking is a popular practice observed by several marketers and salespeople. One of the sole purposes of adding links in cold emails is for tracking purposes. If you’ve added a link, it only makes sense to know how many people have clicked on it and taken the action prompted. Beyond that, through the use of link tracking, you are able to identify where the traffic is coming from. 

So what exactly is the issue then? It all seems pretty straightforward. 


The Cold Emailing Funnel Like You’ve Never Seen Before

I think processes and checklists are not spoken about much in the Marketing world. They don’t get a lot of attention. A lot of strategies are mentioned and hacks are thrown out, but what is the process to get that hack done? Nobody talks about that.

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Cool and Effective: How to Improve Cold Email Templates

Sometimes, the best way to reach a potential client or a business deal is by thru cold email templates. It may sound harsh, but really, cold email templates are valid. Similar to the smug, emotionless characters of Clint Eastwood, these models deliver actual results. Exploring good and proven cold email templates and then selecting the most relevant one and personalizing it for your campaign can help you increase closing rates.

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How To Boost Your Cold Email Outreach Effectiveness

Cold email outreach is hard, and the act of sales itself goes against the grain of the average Joe’s comfort zone.

Hence, looking out for pointers to write an effective Business email for a cold email outreach is natural. Traditional sales calls, in-person meets, and meeting strangers are all out of the comfort zone too.

Salespeople, however, make it an integral part of their career. Entrepreneurs do sales every single day.

But they aren’t the only ones.

Dan H. Pink, an author of To Sell is Human, writes that we are all in sales now. We are in the business of moving people and we engage in acts of persuasion every day.


Cold Email: One of the Best Kept Secrets in Silicon Valley

Everyone knows Product Hunt started with email, but did you know Storefront and Timehop did as well? Did you know that Uber used cold email to launch in Chicago and several other cities? 

Cold email is one of the most effective strategies in obtaining early traction for your product. Many founders do it, but not many founders do it well. Cold email obviously won’t scale, but it can be extremely effective in developing that early momentum and cultivating early evangelists for your product.