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Top 10 LinkedIn Email Finder Tools

The first contact with a prospect is delicate and must be undertaken in a meticulous manner. Prospects in a sense need to be ‘woo-ed’ into liking your product or service through the content of your email. 

Now imagine having the perfect cold email at your fingertips, but not knowing if the email address you have on file is correct. Imagine drawing up a mass prospect list and having a very high bounce rate. Wouldn’t that be frustrating? 

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BIMI: What is it and How does it affect Email Deliverability?

Bee-what? Yes, I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is BIMI (pronounced Bih-Mee)?

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators Messaging Identification. 

With spam emails on the rise, recipients have become extremely wary of which emails they should and should not open. Nearly 85% of emails received by users are spam emails; our suspicions are not baseless. 

So what does the abbreviation BIMI have to do with all this? 

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Cold Email Outreach For Link Building: Definitive guide 2022

Whenever you decide to do a cold email outreach campaign, questions like, will the outreach work? what if my email lands in the spam folder? is cold email outreach the right pick? pops in your mind.  

Amid all these questions, cold emails remain effective and popular. Hubspot’s statistics say that 86% of business professionals prefer email as a communication medium. 

Looking at the statistics, it is safe to say that cold email is an integral part of any communication, even in your link-building campaign.

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Cold Email Software: 29 Best Tools To Automate Your Outreach

Are you looking for the best cold email software to scale your cold email outreach?

In this blog, we have curated the top 29 cold email software interviewing 270+ fast-growing businesses and finding which cold emailing solution was helping them automate their outreach campaign and close more deals.

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30+ Best Email Campaign Software to Use in 2022 for Effective Growth

In recent years marketers have diversified to various mediums such as social media, chatbots, influencers and many more ways to reach their customers. However, email still drives the best ROI out of all B2B marketing strategies. For every $1 spent on email marketing generates $38, which makes it the most powerful marketing channel. 


The Significance of Buyer Persona in Email Marketing

Email marketing still works like a charm in most domains, playing a major role in today’s business scenarios. But things are always evolving, which is why just sending some emails out to people doesn’t guarantee you will see any results.

In fact, without sorting out who gets to see your message and at which stage of the buyer journey, you will most likely end up in the Spam folder.

The trick to creating the best emails list is to get familiar with the notion of buyer persona and segmenting, personalizing and automating your email communication and outreach strategy accordingly.

A buyer persona is basically your ideal customer. It’s a group of people having similar traits, who are looking for services/products that you offer and after engaging with your offer, content, or anything that they lay their hands on, would be willing to make a purchase.

Creating the buyer persona for your business is key to tailoring your marketing strategy and connecting with the right audience at the right time with the right value, allowing you to cater to their needs and solve their problems effectively.

Below we have mentioned 5 ways how building a great buyer persona will help sharpen you and your team’s emailing efforts and generate better results form the medium:

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5 Tips for Generating Leads with Email

Experiential marketing, social media influencers, user-generated content and voice search optimization are all topping the lists of the latest and greatest marketing trends, but one old-school standard still remains a top choice for marketers in-the-know – email. Email marketing is still an essential tool for generating and nurturing leads.

Check out a few stats that clearly show how relevant email still is and how important this channel is to your overall marketing mix:


A Complete Guide to Email Marketing After GDPR

Email marketing after GDPR is a tricky problem. If you’re a business owner or working for any type of company that has something to do with the internet, chances are you’re writing at least some emails daily. To make your email marketing GDPR compliant, there are a couple of things you need to know regarding the implementation of the new general data protection regulation OR GDPR by the European Union.


1. Introduction

2. The GDPR explained

3. 8 primary points covered in GDPR

4. Email Marketing and the GDPR

5. Passive opt-ins are no longer a thing

6. Prepare your email marketing for GDPR

7. Who is the new GDPR going to affect?

8. You need a DPO if you’re running one of the following types of businesses:

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Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

You don’t need us to tell you how important email marketing is, right? With 4 billion accounts around the world, the humble email is still the most powerful direct marketing medium despite the advent of social media with 90% of internet users frequently checking their emails. Marketers are only just starting to realize the full potential of emails and this cheat sheet puts together all the key elements in one place to save you going on a wild goose chase. If you are sending an email campaign for the first time, you can download this Email Marketing eBook for Beginners by DesignWebKit to clear your idea about it.

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Essentials of Email Marketing Strategy for Startups

Today, Internet is taking over just about everything. Commerce has turned into E-commerce, Sales into Inside Sales, Businesses are now Startups and Social Media seems to have taken over Emails. But when it comes to marketing, Change is a bit slow. You cannot ignore the significance of email marketing that still ranks among top numbers. Hence, a good Email Marketing Strategy is a must for any business. For example, leading digital agencies like Madrivo use Email for lead generation,  customer acquisition, brand awareness for their firm & clients and it is also their main traffic source. Here is the chart showing a comparison between Social Media and Email Marketing:

If you want to create an effective email marketing strategy for your startup, here are few key tips for you to know and follow: