How to Know If Someone Opened Your Email (Updated 2021)

You are planning for an excellent product launch. For that, you have decided to pitch industry leaders, top influencers, and bloggers to help you spread your product announcement. You’ve built your product promotion checklist to create the best out of it. Now, you have started outreaching them with a stunning cold email that you have created and hit the “send” button and now waiting for them to answer.

Do you really need to wait to know whether they have opened your email or not?

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How to skyrocket your inside sales by tracking lead’s behavior

So you’ve got the hang on top inside sales strategies. Your lead generation has picked up. Your conversion rate is not bad. You achieved your previous quota goals. Now you want to push the limit a level higher. You have probably sent a million cold emails to your prospective clients. You’ve effectively started producing content to match the needs of your customers.

You are smarter. However, you need to reinvent your marketing strategies. You need to optimize the lead generation process by employing a powerful and dynamic marketing approach-tracking your lead’s behavior.