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Saleshandy Connect – Prospecting Made Easy!

Here’s something exciting that is about to make your prospecting 10x easier! 

We have launched Saleshandy Connect, a prospecting tool specifically designed to help your prospecting efforts. 

With Saleshandy Connect you get: Higher conversion rates, verified prospect list and accelerated organizational growth. 

All you need to do is simply install the Google Chrome extension, and we will work our magic and deliver verified email addresses to you in a matter of seconds (this is true!). 

Explore the features of Saleshandy Connect and start building your prospect list. 


How to Know If Someone Opened Your Email (Updated 2022)

Is there a way to know if someone opened my email? 

A question that can keep you curious for days. And, if you’re struggling to find the answer to this question, our blog has the solution for you. 


What is Cold Email? (Definitive Guide-2022)

Cold email? What is a cold email? Is it like the spam emails I receive or any promotional emails? Do you often scratch your head thinking about this? Well, then our handy guide is here to clear your doubts. 

In this guide, you will learn every aspect of cold email. From its meaning to how to send an effective cold email. In short, everything. 

So, let’s get started! 

P.S: It will be a long ride, so keep your notes and coffee handy.

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Top 10 LinkedIn Email Finder Tools

The first contact with a prospect is delicate and must be undertaken in a meticulous manner. Prospects in a sense need to be ‘woo-ed’ into liking your product or service through the content of your email. 

Now imagine having the perfect cold email at your fingertips, but not knowing if the email address you have on file is correct. Imagine drawing up a mass prospect list and having a very high bounce rate. Wouldn’t that be frustrating? 

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20 Best Cold Email Service Providers (Features & Pricing)

Cold emailing is a tried and tested method for email outreach that is used by several Sales professionals and marketers. If you are someone that wants to scale your outreach campaigns, then investing in cold email software is a move in the right direction towards closing more deals.

Cold emails help you generate qualified leads, narrow down prospects and eventually aim for a conversion that turns a prospect into a full-blown customer! 

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BIMI: What is it and How does it affect Email Deliverability?

Bee-what? Yes, I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is BIMI (pronounced Bih-Mee)?

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators Messaging Identification. 

With spam emails on the rise, recipients have become extremely wary of which emails they should and should not open. Nearly 85% of emails received by users are spam emails; our suspicions are not baseless. 

So what does the abbreviation BIMI have to do with all this? 

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Track Cold Email Links: Effective Methods 2022

In the past, we barely had any control over our email campaigns. Today, thanks to the evolution of technology, we have a far greater level of control. With email intelligence tools, we are able to track multiple components of email marketing. 

Email link tracking is a popular practice observed by several marketers and salespeople. One of the sole purposes of adding links in cold emails is for tracking purposes. If you’ve added a link, it only makes sense to know how many people have clicked on it and taken the action prompted. Beyond that, through the use of link tracking, you are able to identify where the traffic is coming from. 

So what exactly is the issue then? It all seems pretty straightforward. 


What is Email Blacklist and how to avoid it?

One of the worst nightmares for any email marketers is getting their email blacklisted. As it can negatively affect your ability to reach your subscriber’s inbox. With the advancement in technology, the occurrence of fraud has increased, and the ISP (Internet Service Providers) has employed different means to protect their users from spam through spam traps, spam filters, and email blacklists. With all these tools, high engagement and deliverability rates is a tough job for all the professionals. Avoiding the red hand of the email blacklists and the spam filters is not an impossible task if you regularly keep an email blacklist check and update yourself if your email is blacklisted.


What are SPF & DKIM records and how to set it up?

SPF and DKIM are the two terms that sound technical even to an email marketing professional. But it is important to learn, understand and set up these records, especially if you are planning to send an email campaign, as it would have a huge positive impact on your campaign’s deliverability. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry, we have covered how to set up SPF and DKIM for you in this blog and it is not rocket science.

It will ensure that the domain through which you send emails doesn’t end up in the Blacklist of any Spam filters for the casualties that you have not committed. Spam Filters block mass emails of people who have not authenticated their SPF and DKIM records because there have been instances of forgery where frauds have faked the email addresses and sent emails on other person’s behalf.


How To Avoid Spam Filters When Writing An Email

Professionals sending email campaigns spend a lot of their time in trying to understand how to avoid spam filters but at times they miss on a few common best-practices which leads their emails in the spam filter.

We all know that spam filters are getting smarter and the ways to tackle them are getting tougher but don’t worry, we got that covered for you.

This blog would briefly explain to you the most important factors that you need to take care of, in order to avoid email spam filters.