How to manage Outlook email effectively

Marketers, recruiters, executives, CEOs and Founders, all the employees at every level of the organizational chart are aware of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook, often used as an email application by business, is a personal information manager by Microsoft. If you know how to manage outlook email effectively, you can manage calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking and journal. In this era, where most of the business communication happens through email, it is necessary to know how to manage outlook email effectively. It will save you time and increase our productivity by helping you organize your daily affairs in a much more effective way.

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10 Tips To Create An Effective Sales Proposal

A Sales Proposal refers to the written sales pitch introducing and educating the prospect about the Product/Service proposed to be rendered to them. It serves as an integral part of any successful deal. It should be impressive enough to generate interest among your prospects. A well-crafted sales pitch requires carefully managed the investment of time and effort by your sales team. It should be attractive yet convincing, thus increasing the chances of the positive result from the prospect. Keeping in mind the importance of an impressive sales proposal, here are 10 tips on How To Create An Effective Sales Proposal. Read On…


32 of the Best Productivity Tools You’ll Ever Need

There are countless productivity tools out there — how does one choose? We’ve scoured Product Hunt for some of the best time management, calendar, habit change, and goal tracking tools and apps. Check out the full list below — we hope they help you accomplish your big goals.


13 Sure Shot Tips To Boost Productivity Of Sales Team

Sales team is a vital part of any organization. A favorable sales team, whether big or small, inside or on the field, direct or channelized, plays a critical role in multiplying the revenues of the company.