Cold Email Template

5 Cold Email Templates That Will Break the Ice for You (Updated)

Finding the best cold email template is always a struggle. For example, a good cold sales email template can stand between you and your next successful business. If you don’t write cold emails that get responses, you’re out of the game before it even begins. The best email introduction template is hard to come by, which is why we’ve thought of a few cold email templates that will make it easier for you to break that first ice between you and hopefully your future client or partner. (more…)

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# 4 Templates for LinkedIn Outreach

Nowadays, the most popular method of reaching people professionally is LinkedIn. Here are few examples of readymade templates to make your work easy.

Examples  (When Connecting)

I would be glad to connect with you to learn more about ABC.

It would be my pleasure to have a conversation with you around the websites that are adding and dropping your competitors like PQR.



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#3 Templates for Referred Outreach

When your colleague has referred you somebody’s name, then you can always choose to be wiser while shooting mail to the prospect. Here is an example.

 {INCLUDE REFERRAL NAME} says you’re interested in better lead gen strategies


{REFERRAL NAME} has told me that you talked about how difficult it is to get new leads in the door these days. It has become a big issue that is being faced by all the consulting companies right now.

After going through your website and recording your white paper, I have a thought regarding where you might be losing people in the process. I have some ideas which you can implement easily that would yield you a positive response on lead conversion rate.

Let’s schedule Z(NUMBER) minutes call to talk more about this.



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#2 Templates for Researched Outreach

Well, if you have done a full-fledged research on your prospects, then here is the example set of such emails.

Example 1

Introduction: {Your first name} <> {Prospect’s first name}

Hi {Prospect’s first name},

I recently came across {BLOG POST TITLE} that you/your company wrote/shared/posted on {SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM}. {TOPIC OF BLOG POST} seems like an interest that we share. In fact,{one sentence comment on/reaction to blog post}.

I work for {YOUR COMPANY} and we {YOUR COMPANY’S VALUE PROPOSITION}. {REFERRAL} recommended I reach out to you with ideas on how to solve [PROBLEM YOUR PRODUCT ADDRESSES].

I’d love to get some time on your calendar to discuss these ideas and {TOPIC OF BLOG POST}. Are you available for a 10/30/60 minute call on {DATE}?

I look forward to talking soon.



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