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Top 8 Qualities To Consider While Hiring Salespeople For Startup

Most startups suck at Hiring Salespeople.  This is no secret!!

Since most founders have little or no experience on the sales floor, many of them end up hiring the wrong people. Sadly, they end up regretting it.

The bitter reality is: A startup is not like any other established business. Real growth in a startup space means
working with a strong group.  A group that believes in the vision of the Founder. It requires a lot of dedication, a disciplined and a go-getter personality.

Unfortunately, these are not skills that every salesperson may have.

The truth is, it is not easy to move from selling automobiles at a corporation to selling software or other services at a startup.  No matter how hard one may pretend to cope, such a shift is difficult and very few salespeople can manage to do that and profit.

Finding the right people is a challenge. And, for startups, it could be one of the worst experiences that no one would wish to find themselves in.

This article discusses the top 8 qualities you need to look out for while Hiring Salespeople.


How Salespeople Should Spend The First & Last 30 Minutes Of The Day

Are you worried that you are not hitting your monthly sales target?

Is your sales volume dwindling by double digits?

Then, this is a good enough reason to get worried about. And if this is a scenario that you find yourself in often, then something needs to be surely done and that too as soon as possible. This is because if you fail to do so, your business will just be leaning on loss and loss statements, which can be a disaster for your whole business.