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Top 8 Qualities To Consider While Hiring Salespeople For Startup

Most startups suck at Hiring Salespeople.  This is no secret!!

Since most founders have little or no experience on the sales floor, many of them end up hiring the wrong people. Sadly, they end up regretting it.

The bitter reality is: A startup is not like any other established business. Real growth in a startup space means
working with a strong group.  A group that believes in the vision of the Founder. It requires a lot of dedication, a disciplined and a go-getter personality.

Unfortunately, these are not skills that every salesperson may have.

The truth is, it is not easy to move from selling automobiles at a corporation to selling software or other services at a startup.  No matter how hard one may pretend to cope, such a shift is difficult and very few salespeople can manage to do that and profit.

Finding the right people is a challenge. And, for startups, it could be one of the worst experiences that no one would wish to find themselves in.

This article discusses the top 8 qualities you need to look out for while Hiring Salespeople.

Sales Tips

Sales Hacks to Acquire More Prospects in 2022

The internet is a murky scene of a shipwreck that sends everyone, including the experienced seafarers/captain into a disarray of confusion. And, to navigate out of this confusion and stall tall, a solid strategy (or a clever hack) is needed.

Marketers need to have good tools and make use of them. According to Farlan Dowell, the Vice President of sales of Uptight, to stay ahead, you need to keep your champion first. Your champion is your sales team. Make them heroes by giving them the tools they need to make sells upwards.