SaaS Tools

19 Amazing Tools to Optimize SaaS Funnel


We came forth and prepared a list of 19 cherry-picked new tools to optimize SaaS funnel – with these you’ll get necessary traffic, leads, and in the end conversions.

The SaaS funnel management is a long-term process that needs a vast range of tools in order to achieve efficient lead generation and high conversion rates. The entry Triple-A process of Acquisition, Activation, and Absorption needs separate solutions that require a lot of effort to find.

Inside sales Tools

Inside Sales Tools: A Backstage Miracle

Today businesses have become more technology driven and the most important development is the shift to “Inside Sales”.  Inside sales are sales conducted over the phone or through the internet, rather than the traditional face-to-face model.

The most recent Inside Sales Market Size Study, conducted by, revealed that inside sales is growing 7.5%, compared to field sales at only 0.5%. In addition, more than half of B2B sales reps (53%) sell remotely.

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Inside sales can be the key to your company’s success, but adapting to this new paradigm presents a host of challenges as well. So how do you get your sales team ready for this technology-driven and fast paced sales method? The answer is to empower your sales team with comprehensive inside sales tools which will enhance organizations productivity and sales.