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SalesHandy For Teams | Team Functionality4 minutes read

Would like to begin with an popular African quote:

“Alone you can go faster, Together you can go farther.”

When it comes to achieving targets it need a synchronized efforts of whole team & not any single person.

With SalesHandy, you will be providing the suite of email productivity tools i.e unlimited email tracking, team templates tracking & performance, mail merge campaigns, and email scheduling.

Moreover, In Team Functionality Managers will be able to monitor teams activity & hence re-organize the things which works for your organization.

Here’s how SalesHandy for teams help’s sales teams to work more efficiently to increase productivity.

  • Team member can measure the email as well as template performance across the team.
  • It enables sales team to accurately coordinate the content. Reduces the content mismatch or out-dated content.
  • Manager’s can transparently monitor team activities and can drive the team towards wining strategies.

It will help your team effectively communicate with your prospects.

Team Templates

Share email templates with in your team members. Never worry about communication mismatch. Use email templates with in your team to keep content updated.

Measure the opening rates and reply rates to know which content / email works well for your customer. Learn which templates have higher opening rates.

Check the below screen shot on how to create & use team templates.

Team templates 1
Team templates 1
Team templates 1
Team templates 1

Team will find a template inside there gmail (as shown below), every time you mark your template as team template.

Team Template GIF

Team Activity Dashboard

Admin / Manager will be find all activities of every member in activity page / dashboard. Moreover using filter options admin can filter activities as well as team member to check the individual’s performance.


Team Email Reporting Dashboard

Get actionable insight into your team member’s activities with SalesHandy team email reporting dashboard. It provides data like the total number of emails tracked, the total number of email opens, open rate, entire email open history, the total number of replies received, reply rate, the total number of link clicks, and link click rate of each team member respectively.

team-reporting 1

As an admin of your team, with the data mentioned above,  you can get to know the engagement levels of the recipients who have been reached out by your team member. With this data, you can get a clear idea on what’s working and what’s not working concerning the team’s email outreach and narrow down on the best strategies and practices that can be used to improve the overall performance of the team. It is important to note that, only team admin can view this email reporting dashboard.

If you have any queries write to us [email protected]

Our support team will be happy to help you.

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Does SalesHandy allows me to see the content of my child account? For eg – I am an admin of account and I want to see complete activities of my sub-user not only the subject they sent but also the content attached with mail? Is this possible with SalesHandy?

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