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Why should you personalize  your emails?

For any sales/marketing team personalize communication with customer yields better results.

  • Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10% – Aberdeen
  • Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened – Campaign Monitor
  • 50% of companies feel they can increase interaction within email by increasing personalization. – Experian

How to personalize “mass” mails?

Mail merge is the process of automatic addition of names and addresses from a database, to letters and envelopes in order to facilitate sending mail to many addresses.  In a mail merge template one can include various placeholders (fields). These fields could be name, address or any information specific to each recipient — for example a contact’s name or company or city which he/she belongs to. Here is the step by step guide to perform a mail merge using SalesHandy.

When the merge is performed, the software will automatically pulls information from the database source to populate fields within your email message. For a list of 100 recipients, the mail merge template will have been reproduced 100 times, with each copy being unique.

You can use the Mail merge with Gmail of SalesHandy to send personalized emails to any number of recipients with just one click.

Example of custom fields:

  • Job title – “Congratulations on your new role as {job_title}..”
  • Target audience – “{Target_audience} find our product really useful…”
  • Event name – “Happy to meet you at {event_name}…”
  • City name – “We’re organizing Live concert in your {city-name}…”

An instance of personalized follow up email using mail merge

Dear {firstname}!

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into building SalesHandy —but I know it’s not perfect. Brutal and honest feedback is the only way my team and I can improve the product.

I noticed it’s been about a week since you signed up…

Have you had a chance to try everything out? Whether you’re completely lost or having a great time, please tell me about your experience so far!


Use cases of mail merge:

The concepts behind “mail merge” are appropriate for any situation where an email has to be sent to multiple people, but each copy will have some unique fields. Thus the approach is appropriate for anything from simple personalized newsletter to complex e-mail with many fields.

  • Send personalized annual meeting mails to shareholders
  • Product managers to send product update email newsletters
  • Admin executives to send event invitations
  • School Principal to send personalized exam results to students

Why use mail-merge

Using mail merge can increase the effectiveness of your direct email marketing content and can increase your sales rate and decrease your overall response time. Sales team can have higher success ratio when connecting with clients as the customer would have an impression that the salesperson is taking out time to write a personal email.

You will get more response to your personalized emails, like below is the email I’ve received from my customer,

Response of the customer to one of my ‘mail-merge’ email

Hi Piyush,

I’m happy using SalesHandy. It’s been excellent experience using it..


Other benefits:

  • Saves your time and efforts.
  • It’s a very fast way to produce hundreds of personalized emails.
  • One standard email can be written and sent to all recipients without having to manually add name and address in each email.
  • Producing personalized mass emails is much simplified, especially compared to the process of preparing individual email to many people.

I loved this small but efficient piece of technology and hence we built it in SalesHandy. If you would like to try mail merge you can sign up here. Send us a mail at if you need any help in doing so.

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