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#13 Clear Tips To Convert Your Prospects Into Customers

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Turning your prospects into customers is not always possible with just an automated sales process or set sales funnel. Many times it requires an outside assistance and personal touch points to get on-board.

An introduction is the first impression you make on your prospect. It is rightly said that one never gets a second chance to make the first impression. To ensure that the first impression is worth your prospect’s time, make your introduction irresistible. Once they get into the conversation, you can gradually indulge them to become your customers.

Here are few tips that will help you convert a prospect into a customer.

1. Be clear and informative

Your introduction should be clear and uncomplicated providing information about the company and products you are dealing in. Any confusion the prospect has will result in the introduction being wasted as they will not bother to get back to you.

2. Preparations always pay off

It is a good practice to prepare well for the introduction. You would not want to land in panic in front of your prospects. Be ready with the well-considered & crafted introduction and you will surely make the required impression.

3. Determine your goal

The first and foremost thing about introduction is to determine its goal. Some introductions are meant to do a sale in the first attempt and close the deal, some are meant to introduce your product and build long term relation with customer, and so on. So be specific about your goal and let your introduction be directed towards it.

4. Friendly approach is admired

Being friendly can help you leave a positive impact on the prospects giving them an impression that you care about them. This will help in inducing them to be your customers.

5. Be enthusiastic

Being enthusiastic in your introduction is one of the best ways to achieve long-lasting impact on prospects. This will help you in grabbing their attention and sending positive vibes.

6. Induce curiosity

Your introduction should be informative and should still induce curiosity amongst your prospects. Use of words and phrases triggering questions in prospect’s mind should be done. For instance, if you are working for a travel agency introduce yourself by saying, “I can take you to heaven”.

7. Be ready with answers

As you introduce yourself numerous questions might pop-up in a mind of your prospects and be shouted to you. Be ready to answer such questions in an impressive, informative, interesting and memorable way.

8. Offer help

Great and long lasting connections can be made by offering help. By your act of offering help the prospect gets an impression that you are there to solve their problems and not just to sell. Start with, “May I help you”, “Can I be of any help to you”, etc.

9. Listening helps

Talking does not help always, one should learn to listen. While you are introducing yourself to a prospect give them an opportunity to talk. Else they get an impression that you are trying to overshadow them.

10. Try to focus on rendering something useful for your prospect

Even if you sense that the prospect is not interested in the kind of business you do, try to render them something else (may be a contact, resource, a location of the particular place, etc.). This will help them remember you and choose you over your competitors for doing business in future.

11. Thank you helps leaving smile on prospect’s face

A “thank you” as the last words by you will always make your prospects smile and they will be looking forward to do business with you. You can thank them for listening to you or giving their time to you or for the wonderful time spent with them.

12. Follow-ups to be done quickly and appropriately

Once you are done with the introduction, it is time to prepare yourself for follow-up. If the follow up if done after a long period the prospect tends to forget you and may not respond as expected. It is a good practice to strategically follow-up with them, by stating you would love to meet them again, or hold a phone conversation with them, etc. Avoid those things at the time of follow-up (Read It).


13. Jot down your experience

It is always a good practice to make note of your experience with your prospects regarding your introduction. Make note of your conversation with them, their reaction, etc. This information will help you plan your proceedings with them in the future.

Remember! A proper and righteous introduction plays vital role for building long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Hope the above rules help you in close deal faster. Do let me know your experience by practicing the above strategies. Will also be looking forward to suggestions from you.

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