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7 Tips For Recruiting The Right Sales Representative4 minutes read

Sales is the primary objective of most organizations around the world. And to ensure you are able to reach your targets every time, you will need an excellent team. Any mistake in recruiting team members can be suicidal. Here are 7 tips facilitating the process of recruiting sales representative.

1. Appropriately fitting in the organization

The candidate you are looking at should culturally fit in the organization.  Otherwise, the whole work environment may get affected. You should focus on understanding the Team spirit of the candidate.  He should be able to act as a binding agent for all the team members. An intention of supporting each and every person should prevail. Being ambitious and fun are traits that every SDR should have. This positivity from his side will result in a positive environment in the organization which will help the company in the long run. The recruiter can get an idea about his nature by enquiring from the company and the colleagues he has worked with in the past.

2. Past record of Sales Representative to be evaluated

A stringent look at the candidate past professional record is required. This helps in predicting his future in the organization. A person sticking to the organization he joins for longer periods is always a better choice. The recruiter needs to take an overview of not only the last job of the candidate but also jobs before that. This will give a clear idea of the reliability of the candidate. A person changing job very often should not be welcomed. People not staying in the company for long will cost company more. They take away precious resources, they waste the training cost and are of not of any help to the team and company.

3. Competitive work environment

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Let your environment be convincing enough to attract smart and pervasive sales representatives. Amenities like gym, canteen, child-care area, etc. can be maintained. These amenities also help in maintaining the physical and mental health of the employees. Always remember people who are fit are the one who can put their 100% towards the betterment of the organization. Moreover, motivation is required to boost up any new employee. According to Andrew Greenberg from Recruitingdivision ” 17 percent of new hires in sales fail due to lack of motivation.”[Tweet “#fact 17 percent of new hires in sales fail due to lack of motivation”]

Therefore, comforting the employee with various amenities along with timely motivation will help an organization in a successful hire.

4. Good salary packages

A good salary package is a driving force. It attracts better people to the company. Always remember “penny wise but pound foolish “. Many times for saving money we land up appointing the inappropriate members. This results in a burden on company resources. Make your salary package convincing. Let people leave their job and get attracted to your company because of your appealing salary package.

5. Depend on instinct, not much on referrals

Though referrals work out to be a great source for recruitment, much importance should be given to your instinct. Many times a person coming through referrals does not prove to be of use to the company. A person referring may not have much idea about the referred candidate. Instinct should be the prime deciding factor in such situation, referrals the supplementary one.

6. Success history to be evaluated

Success, as we know is always given importance. Let it work as a driving force for making decisions. A successful person in college and workplace is the one who can pave the way to organizational success. Keen judgment has to be made considering the candidate’s success in his/her pursuit & competitive activities. Success is a transferable disease. Look for people who are prone to success. So that in the run of continuing their success story, they become beneficial to the company.

7. Age of the candidate

Age of the candidate should also to be taken into consideration. Younger generation & the older ones have few different qualities which can do wonders to the organization. A fresh college pass out can be a great source of energy. Older candidates can become great mentors. A mixture of both old and young generation is needed in most organizations. It helps in maintaining balance in working environment. Thus, facilitating the company to work in a better and efficient manner.

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Remember!! Trying too hard to get a candidate on board is not at all recommended. The company and the candidate both should have a positive and appealing approach towards each other.

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