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A sales team is supposed to finish the process and monetize the product or service. It’s basically the sales team who closes the whole process. That is why having an efficient sales team inside your company is essential for your business.

There’s also a lot of competition, and each and every sales team has to overcome the other one. Thinking outside of the box and coming up with unique angles and marketing schemes is a key to becoming profitable.

The Importance of the Sales Team

First, what does a sales team actually do in a company? Well, it takes care of all the marketing side: the conceiving of the ideas, the planning, the strategy, the testing, and the outcomes.

If a sales team is productive, then it also means that the company is productive. Somehow they are interdependent and therefore if one of them is inefficient, then the whole thing goes down.

In order to improve your sales team, you have to think of the bigger picture. Who is your sales team? It’s individuals who are working for you, each having different skills and work ethics.

You have to take it from here, and start working on each of your employees. As a company manager, CEO, or any other higher rank, I would suggest taking a look at these 10 tips on how to improve your sales team’s productivity.

1. Train Your Sales Team Properly

Productivity of Sales Team

Each sales team is made of individuals with different skills and traits. In order to take advantage of your team as a whole, you got to train each and every one of them properly.

It’s important that you have an already established training process before hiring your staff. You’re basically teaching them what to do, how to sell, and when to do it.

It is also important to note the fact that some sales staff can come with experience from another companies. They work with different mindsets and attitudes.

They have other strategies. In that case, it’s good to speak to them individually and let them know that they have to meet your company’s criteria and work like everyone else does. (Tips to Recruit The Right Sales Representatives)

2. Motivate Your Sales Team Regularly

Motivation is a huge factor when it comes to keeping a team productive. Whether it’s a football team, a regular office, or your company’s sales team, it’s important that your members remain motivated.

There are a lot of efficient motivation techniques out there on the web. You only have to look for them, and start implementing them on your teams.

If your team is motivated, they’ll do more than they have to in order to reach their goals. These might be financial goals that you’ve promised for better performances, or just better percentages!

3. Organize Contests with Incentives

Talking about motivation, here’s a really nice productivity boosting technique. Organize special contests that stimulate your sales team’s members. You can choose to split them into two teams and have them do team work.

You can also choose to go for an individual contest, in which every employee has to give his best in order to win a certain prize.

These types of activities can be real savers for companies that aren’t going so well. Every person must be motivated by something; most of the times, employees would go an extra mile for an extra buck, so take care of this aspect a.s.a.p.

4. Be Strict Instead of Loose

It’s very essential that you maintain order within your sales team. They need to understand what they’re expected to do, be aware of the fact that when they go wrong there will be consequences, and the fact that you won’t tolerate laziness and inefficiency.

Your sales team can often get stuck while being paid in percentages. They’re fine with a certain sum of cash each month, so they don’t pay more effort. In that case, you have to step in and be a little more strict.

5. Time Management and Emotional Intelligence Training

These are two of the most common modern professional’s tendencies. Time management is an important aspect for any business and/or individual. It keeps your organized, and lets you manage your tasks within certain time conditions.

Emotional intelligence or EQ is the new “thing”. Many people say that EQ is now more valued than IQ within the current job marketplace.

Start looking for resources that you can use to train your sales team. They need to at least know the basics of these two techniques.

6. Positivity Boosting

If you want prosperity, keep your sales team happy. As discussed before, your company’s wellbeing is dependent on the efficiency of your sales team.

If you manage to keep them positive, they will be able to overcome more obstacles and setbacks in their marketing campaigns.

7. Outsourcing

Every sales team needs a complementary factor: a content writing service. Because we live in a world in which content marketing is king, most of the sales teams need awesome content to promote.

I’d recommend hiring a good content writing service, such as Australian Writings, and keep working with them. Put them in touch with the head of your sales team and let them collaborate.

I’ve been working with them for the last several years and they never disappoint me. More than that, I’ve switched around 3 sales teams and every one of them enjoyed the partnership with this awesome content writing service.

Checkout: what is Outsourcing?

8. Communication

You need to assure an awesome communication between you and the sales team’s staff. When they have trouble, they should come to you. This gives them a feeling of certainty and will be more relaxed at work.

Start initiating personal conversations with your employees and try to get to know them better. Try to understand how they think and keep it as a future asset.

9. Invest in Better Tools

Getting better tools can boost the productivity of the sales team with big numbers. I’ve recently invested $500 in professional content marketing tools and social media automation software.

They have been a game changer for me, and the price was well worth it. Your business is professional. You can’t work with limited free tools. Start treating it seriously and put some money in there.

10. Offer Flexibility

Even though we’ve established that you need to be strict with your sales team, you need to understand that you also have to offer them a little bit of flexibility.

Modern companies get better results by offering their employees their own personalized work timelines. They can choose to work from home, come to office, or do whatever as long as they come with results.


Having an efficient sales team comes with a lot of crafting. The training you have to provide, the mindsets you have to influence, and the overall strategies that you must teach are not easy!

Keep working on your sales team’s productivity and watch how your overall profits rise.

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