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19 Amazing Tools to Optimize SaaS Funnel11 minutes read


We came forth and prepared a list of 19 cherry-picked new tools to optimize SaaS funnel – with these you’ll get necessary traffic, leads, and in the end conversions.

The SaaS funnel management is a long-term process that needs a vast range of tools in order to achieve efficient lead generation and high conversion rates. The entry Triple-A process of Acquisition, Activation, and Absorption needs separate solutions that require a lot of effort to find.

The market is changing all the time and fresh startups with interesting apps are popping up like mushrooms after rain – it’s difficult to keep track of them.

However, why one should?

Because new services more often than not offer unique options, designed in order to stand out from the worn-out crowd. We want to introduce you to them – hear it out, as some of the positions are really worth attention.

Triple-A dictionary

The Triple-A stages are crucial steps when you want to optimize SaaS funnel. Even though they are not the only ones, they are the primary elements that every marketer and analyst needs to focus on first – and so do we.

Acquisition is about bringing traffic to your website and service through various means. We focus on the most popular forms of SEO and Content Marketing, as we find they are the most saturated areas and offer a multitude of options.

Activation is primarily about converting the acquired traffic into users/buyers – This includes web analytics, landing page optimization, voice of customer solutions and such. Expectedly the most difficult part of the funnel.

Absorption means retaining the customer or in other words “absorbing” them by your service. This part covers live chats, CRM, customer referrals, CX, e-mail automation and more.

Tools to Optimize SaaS Funnel

Dtermin (Discontinued) – Dtermin was an SEO solution for keyword planning that lets you find the best keywords on the basis of searches and keywords used by competition in a particular area.

It analyzes your web page and provides you with a clear report on what you should optimize on your page in terms of SEO. Finally, all your efforts are tracked, showing you a ranking of your pages for a given term.

It’s a better solution that Google Keyword Planner as it takes aforementioned factors into consideration to better reflect a keyword’s situation, and searches the market on-line to find words that exactly match your business needs.


ViralHeat (Discontinued) – Engagor transformed into ViralHeat, a unique system that covers all your social media channels so you can manage them efficiently and identify trends that will give you a new brand marketing direction. The data dashboard offers powerful analytics for analyzing social ROI.

ViralHeat also offers a content marketing pipeline so you can curate content and publish it efficiently, all according to your strategy. A very efficient tool that offers powerful solutions to any content marketer – definitely a recommendation.


MinuteMailer if you are searching for a collaboration between e-mail and social, this is your choice. E-mail is just one, direct social network and that is why MinuteMailer delivers on both fronts. It’s perfect for scheduling your social content and e-mail newsletters.

It’s mobile friendly, easy to edit, has an unlimited image storage, can import your contact in a breeze and allows you to segment your users. It also tracks data such as clicks and opens, and has a free plan. Great choice for budget savvy businesses.

minutemailer logo saas funnel a simple solution in sharing links – add a CTA of your choice to any link you share, so you can promote your agenda even when using other’s content. Remember to match your message and business to your content, so when you share it people interested in the shared link will also be interested in what you have to offer in your CTA. Very intuitive and useful.

Siply logo saas funnel


HelloBar –  as a lead-in to the next part and a grey area between both, HelloBar is best used for your landing pages. It is a free bar at the top of the page that features your own message and the CTA. It can also display social buttons, so you can increase the number of shares with it. Hello Bar collects and exports subscriber data to your email lists in services such as Aweber, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. Finally, it allows you to A/B test your messages. A very simple tool, but offers a variety of options to benefit from the effectiveness of a clever CTA bar.

hellobar dashboard saas funnel


Tools to Optimize SaaS Funnel

Convert Convert is a WYSIWYG landing page optimization A/B tool that is an amazing asset in every CRO specialist’s arsenal. It uses easy HTML and an editor that in real time displays the changes you’ve introduced – it also contains convenient stylesheet editing for any dynamic content you want to introduce. Installing Convert is pretty easy as you need to use a snippet of JavaScript in your website header – just like us.

convert dashboard saas funnel


Lander –  Another rising star in the landing page optimization family – Lander has a very convincing landing page themselves! With Lander you can create an amazing landing page on your own with the help of their gorgeous templates or from a scratch if you wish to.

They also focus on the mobile traffic and offer a mobile version of their creator so you can focus on the segment of users coming from mobile environments.


VWO Landing Page Analyzer before A/B testing and launching your page make sure it is fully optimized. The Analyzer is a free tool coming from VWO, which reviews your page based on 21 questions. Although it seem that it bases it’s analysis solely on your responses, it serves as a great checklist to see whether you haven’t committed any basic optimization mistakes before starting testing – it makes no sense to start testing and then hit your forehead with a sudden epiphany “oh dear, I made my page too cluttered, so obvious”.

After the answers you get an overview of your website with useful tips that can help you in optimizing your page. It’s free, fast and makes some good points, so why not run it.

VWO logo saas funnel


XStockVideoVideo landing pages have become the norm because of their high effectiveness rate. More often than not we find ourselves struggling with preparing an efficient video that would both attract attention and be aesthetically pleasing. You can try using a guide to creating a video, but you can guarantee it will be of high quality. Because of that we suggest using XStockVideo as it is an amazing alternative to stock photo sites, which provides you with thousands of HD short free videos to choose from.If you are planning to A/B test but lack ideas, use a video. Since XStockVideo is free, you can check without any costs whether the concept of a video landing page will work on your website.


Xstockvideo logo saas funnel


Insights: Google Analytics (Discontinued) – this sounding like a movie sequel service is actually a very handy booster for Google Analytics. Instead of sifting through tons of data coming from GA (and we know that sometimes can be problematic), Insights instantly points out the fixable errors in your stats, so you can improve the provided areas and reduce bounces, exits and such.

It’s a report that shows you which areas are strong and which require attention – perfect for anyone who believes that Google Analytics overview is not actionable enough for them.

Tools to Optimize SaaS Funnel



UsabilityTools: Session Recording (Discontinued)Us. If you have data from Google Analytics, you have only certainty that “something” happened. However, you have no idea why it happened. A customer left, and you do not know why. Someone stopped filling out a form, and you do not know why. Someone bought your product, and you don’t know why.

Having such data would help you find the problematic areas to fix, and find the successful solutions that could be duplicated in order to increase your traffic, conversions, and any other goals you want to reach.

UsabilityTools Session Recording is a nifty tool that records all user actions and events that take place on a website during their session – all their clicks, hovers, interactions with content and other activities are recorded for you to view later on any device you wish. You can quickly analyze visitor paths on your website and locate all problems present. You can also see their successes – a great material to replicate in your designs.


HappyFox it’s a very promising and fresh customer support and ticket management software that integrates with e-mail accounts and other services (such as Shopify) to meet all your customers’ support requests. It allows you to customize your widget as you see fit, and you can access your dashboard from any sort of device or platform. Very affordable and steadily growing solution for all businesses, especially the small ones.

happyfox dashboard saas funnel



Bloom –  Bloom is a wonderful WordPress plugin that will do its best to convert your website’s visitors into registered users. It’s a highly customizable pop-up with lots of templates and options to bring together your website’s design and pop-ups.

It integrates with the most popular e-mail marketing systems available, and readily obtains information about your e-mail lists for your convenience. A good and precisely targeted pop-up coming from Bloom will boost your conversion rates.

Bloom logo saas funnel


Tools to Optimize SaaS Funnel

SatisMeter  –   with SatisMeter you can gather customer feedback on the basis of the simple Net Promoter System. It allows you to place a bar with only two questions to answer in a scale of 1 to 10: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend” and “What could we do to improve?” This allows you to gather feedback from both your devoted worshipers and disgruntled malcontents, segmented in a convenient dashboard.

You can also push the data you’ve gathered to other web analytics to analyze it further, the survey is completely customizable, and you can match the language of a question to the language of a user partaking in the survey.

Add SatisMeter to your e-mails as a signature (another awesome feature) to gauge the effectiveness of your e-mails and your brand’s reach-out.



Chatraif you are looking for a friendly way of interacting with your customers and visitors, Chatra is for you. It’s as familiar as Facebook chat, and offers few nifty features:

  • Live type – you can see the messages of your customers being typed before they are sent.
  • Conversation history – all messages are being kept in history, even those that weren’t sent.
  • Group chats – your support agents can join particular chats and create a problem-solving force right in the single video.

Track the message being written and react shortly after it is sent to you – this will make you look very professional, as you prepared yourself beforehand.

Chatra Dashboard Saas Funnel Tend is a very useful tool to keep track of your current user base. In comparison to Google Analytics, Tend also provides you with information what is the order of actions of a given user, who they are, what do they do, how they found you and such – basically, a very in-depth guide to your users and visitors.

Tend does not tend to overwhelm you with data, as it only focuses on these statistics that are a result of your marketing efforts. Thanks to that you can quickly measure the effectiveness of what you do and how it influences your users.

Tend logo saas funnel


LeadFuze A sales prospecting automatization tool that stands out from the crowd thanks to one feature called “Done-for-you” – if you do not consider yourself an expert at generating leads, you can use LeadFuze aid and they will do it at you.

All you need is to get onboarded, and they will outreach your prospects, identify leads, prepare e-mail campaigns and provide you with hot leads at your disposal. A great solution for any growing business.

leadfuze dash saas funnel


Cursive (Discontinued) it’s a powerful referral campaign manager that is integrated with Stripe (a suite of APIs for e-commerce). It allows you to create easy referral campaigns that you can track (who and to whom), and you can create individual landing pages per every customer.

Finally, an extensive analytics dashboard gives you total control over your referral traffic and growth.


Startup Threadsif you want to promote your brand and get people to like you, send them a free t-shirt with your logo. After all, people adore freebies, and it’s a walking advertisement. You can ship t-shirts wherever you like, either to a freshly paying customer or to a lead that went cold. The dashboard allows you to track your shirts and aids you in the distribution process. Source:

That’s not all

Hope you find our list of tested “Tools for SaaS Funnel” useful. We will keep on updating it with time. If you believe that there is a related tool that should be on this list, then please do share its name with us in the comment.


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