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Top Help Desk Software & Knowledge Base Tools

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You need a customer support software if you have too many customers, the logic is that simple. You cannot handle all the mentions and direct messages from customers on your own without a help desk software. In this process, somewhere you’ll only leave your customer high & dry and trust me, you don’t want to take that kind of damage.

No matter the size of your business, there will always be some very difficult questions to answer and discontented customers to please. That is where Customer Support Help Desks make an entry.

You can do wonders with customer support while using a help desk software. These tools include a customer support command center which will bring all your chat messages, emails and tweets together. You can then assign these messages to relevant team members who will make sure that customers get a reply. Customers often feel confused about minor things. To resolve these small queries quickly, a Help Desk software enables you to build a Knowledge Base which comprises of FAQs.

Here at SalesHandy, we were on a spree while settling down with a perfect Help Desk software. We came across a handful of tools, and below is a list of some really good ones which attracted our eyeballs.


Groove may be a very simple customer support solution, but the way it looks & works, it feels as if you are using fully enterprise focused product. It is crafted very beautifully when it comes to UI. It flaunts a very clean look with narrow color ranges and lots of whitespace given for readability. Users can navigate to different parts of the desk very easily through a simple navigation bar. The contextual search engine displays similar articles from the knowledge base and community as users type in their query. And the best part, it is highly customizable when it comes to looks and it is faster than most of its competitors.

Pricing for Groove:


LiveAgent is an omnichannel cloud-based help desk solution that offers advanced functionality for a very low price. Users can enjoy over 180 help desk features including a built in-call center, native live chat, a robust ticketing system, and advanced reporting, and automation features just to name a few.

With more than 40 integrations with third-party apps and 24/7 multilingual support, LiveAgent is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses across all industries. If you want to improve customer satisfaction, experience, and retention, LiveAgent is the right solution for you.

Pricing for LiveAgent:


This is a type of software that can be used by any organization out there. Being a cloud based web application, it works fine across all devices and systems. It makes adding a member/department easier than ever. It features internal notes assigning, ticket assigning, ease replies, to grow productivity. Helprace can automize tickets, and also helps make them appear like regular emails to the customers.

Pricing for Helprace:

InvGate Service Desk 

InvGate Service Desk is a very good-looking help desk and ticketing system, for those looking to establish a robust service desk inside the organization. It includes an integrated knowledge base with smart article suggestions, workflows to assign requests to the right agent according to priority and urgency. There are plenty of functionalities aligned with ITIL standards for IT support. The platform is available both on the cloud and on-premises installations.

Pricing For InvGate

Visit to receive a quote price according to your business needs:


Freshdesk is also a full-fledged cloud-based solution. It delivers exceptional support. Freshdesk is priced affordably, unlike its other competitors. It is free forever for the first three agents. It offers all the features & tools to impress its users. Offering a robust multichannel capability, integrated mechanics to supercharge productivity. Also offers amazing automation facilities.

Pricing for Freshdesk:


We can call Zendesk a proven help desk solution which offers the fastest way to engage with a customer. It works across all industries, be it small scale or large scale. This one is particularly loved by its users worldwide. Access it anywhere at anytime. Some known users of this platform are: Groupon, Airbnb, Sony, Tumblr and Gilt Groupe.

Pricing for Zendesk:

Zoho Desk

Customers becoming more empowered, managers taking more effective decisions & agents becoming more productive. All of this is possible with Zoho Desk. It is not at all costly. Purely customizable and easy to use. This tool is also a part of Zoho’s 30 strong suit of business software. With this powerful solution, you can make the customer an apex part of your business.

Pricing for Zoho Desk:

This solution excels at keeping their users happy. As your business keeps growing, this help desk will grow line to line. The more complex your business becomes, will help you make it more easier. You need to worry about your Sales & Service syncing together because desk and salesforce will integrate seamlessly. offers 24×7 support and has a huge knowledge base to keep its users more guided & informed. It has valuable users such as: Vimeo, Hailo and Munchery.

Pricing for

Hope this post was helpful! Choose the right Help Desk software relevant to your needs and excel at responding your customers. Apart from the above-listed software, if you find anything interesting please let us know.

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