Why You Should Use Filelink Instead of Email Attachment?


Answer to this question is pretty straight forward, have you ever sent any Email campaign without tracking opens and click-throughs? Then why only track Emails and not attachments?

In this modern world, if you don’t make most out of technology, you will be lagging behind your competitors. Keep in mind that your clients are already tech-savvy. Everybody knows life in the tech world moves quite fast, and if you want to survive, you have to keep up with the pace and adapt to new technologies.

SalesHandy gives you the advantage over your competitors by providing deep insights into email attachments i.e.  when your attachment has been opened, how many times it has been opened & where it has been opened. One can thus close more deals by focusing on the most engaged clients.

Here are few benefits which will convince you to never send files as attachment ever again.

1) Track forwards:

Know if your documents are being forwarded. Knowledge is power in any business. Knowing if your documents were forwarded to other people in an organization can give you a head start in the sales process.

SalesHandy filelink allows you to track the forwards. It pops up a small form every time the document is forwarded, and thus informs you about any new prospect reading the document.

2) No client software dependence or device compatibility issue:

At times, you share a document with your prospect, he/she downloads it but is not able to open it. This happens when your prospects don’t have a software compatible to open the document. With smartphones, this has become a common problem.  Even after your document gets downloaded, it might stay unread forever.


Device Compatibility

When you share your attachment over a weblink (filelink), your client doesn’t need to have a software compatible to the open the document i.e. you don’t need to worry if he/she has the document opening software installed on the mobile.

3) The age old problem with downloading:

Assume you have 20 page file. Your client puts it on download and waits. Once it is downloaded, he goes searching for it on his machine. (we often forget where the file was download, don’t we?) He is not able to find it and has to waste his time downloading the file again. This is irritating and can dramatically decrease the chances that he reads your document.

Another situation is that, while the document is downloading, your client’s concentration is diverted to something else and he forgets to view the document even after it is downloaded.

Filelinks solve both these problems. It eliminates the need to download a file. Also, the pages on SalesHandy Filelink are loaded sequentially, that is your prospect can read the first few pages while the other pages get loaded.

4) You can “UNDO” sent documents:

Admit it, we all have made mistakes of sending files with some silly grammar mistake or even sending the wrong file altogether. SalesHandy gives you the power to Undo your sent document i.e. you can edit files on any filelink and your client will not even come to know about it. You can even disable your link to stop the access to the files.

5) Make it easy for your prospect to give feedback:

With SalesHandy, if a customer has any doubts, he/she can instantly get in touch with you from inside the weblink using our doubt module. It makes really easy for your client to get doubts cleared and help you get the conversation started and build long term relationship.


6) Protect your sensitive data:

With filelink, your files are always secure. You can restrict download of files to avoid your important files lying permanently in someone’s computer & revoke access to a document at any point. Filelinks is useful if to send the confidential document and prevent access by unwanted readers.


Data Connection


Still not convince?

7) Avoid SPAM filters

All Spam filters use the logic of image/attachment to text ratio. Sending Email with heavy attachment can make the email land in the spam box. I am sure you don’t want to tell your clients – “I’m sending you an email proposal right now, but be sure to check your spam folder”, Not a good thing to say, right? When you use SalesHandy filelink, it prevents the email box spam box, as the email does not have any attachment (but a weblink where the file is hosted). You can virtually send any size of a file via FileLink that too directly into Inbox without worrying about the 25MB limit of Gmail Inbox. If you want to learn more about why your email is ending up in spam, you can read this article by us. (Read The Article)

8) Get actionable insights to boosts sales efficiency and effectiveness

When you know exactly what your customer want to buy it’s easy to sell. With Filelink you get detailed data of the time spent by the user on any doc.

9) Seamlessly coordinate content amongst the team. Never send out-of-date docs again:

Imagine you create beautiful product overviews, case studies, and FAQs that your sales team and account managers send to customers. In an ideal world, you send new versions of these docs to your co-workers and they then use only the new version in their workflow. But here’s the problem: we aren’t in an ideal world. As a team leader, you have no way of knowing if your co-workers are sending out the correct docs or they are still using the old version? Maybe they decided to make some minor “edits”, or even just come up with their own version? Filelink can help you get rid of variants of files being used by your sales team.

And the most important reason…

10) A/B testing with documents:

Using data to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing materials can help you improve the effectiveness of your collateral over time. SalesHandy gives you the time spent by the prospect on your document. You can thus compare different version and understand the effectiveness of each on of them.

I am sure you are now convinced of the benefits of using Filelinks over email attachments. You can sign up for SalesHandy here. If you need any support in the same, send us an email at hello@saleshandy.com .


Arpan Shah

Arpan Shah is the CTO and Co-founder of SalesHandy- A Data analytics and Communication tool. He has expertise in Product Development and User Experience Design. He also writes about Sales and Technology.