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Release Note: SalesHandy 2.03 minutes read

Today (on Sunday 8th of April 2018 01:30 PM GMT), we released the software we were building since last 9 months. 

What’s new in 2.0? 

What’s coming next? 


What’s new in 2.0? 

Chrome Plugin (Update)

  • Built using theinboxsdk – prevents SalesHandy plugin conflicts with other chrome plugins
  • Revamped Plugin UI/UX (New)
  • Link Tracking (New)
  • Activity feed (New)
  • Revamped Template and Document Insert flow (New)
  • Plugin Preferences (New)
  • UI/UX Improvements in Email Scheduling

Outlook Plugin (Update)

  • Built from scratch for speed, reliability, and performance
  • Revamped Plugin UI/UX (New)
  • Multiple SalesHandy Account Support (New)
  • Link Tracking (New)
  • Revamped Template and Document Insert flow (New)
  • Plugin Preferences (New)
  • Implemented Self-email open block (New)
  • Improvements in Notification Service (New)
  • The plugin supports Outlook (for Microsoft Windows) – 2010, 2013, 2016

Web App

  • Frontend built using Angular 4 & Material UI
  • New microservices based Software Architecture for speed, reliability, and performance

Activity Feed:

  • Minimalistic activity feed design
  • Email link click tracking activity (New)
  • Campaign Email open & link click activity (New)
  • Activity filters & Search (New)
  • For admin user – view email sent by the team (Coming soon)

Email Tracking:

  • Email link tracking (New)
  • The detailed history of email open/link click (Coming soon)
  • Export email tracking data (Coming soon)
  • Teamwise filter options (Coming soon)


  • Organize templates in folders (New)
  • Revamped templates sharing & access control feature (New)
  • Integration of template usage & performance with mail merge campaign (New)
  • Template text editor: text formatting related issues fixed, hyperlink image (New)

Document Tracking

  • Formerly known as Files
  • Revamped document UI/UX (New)
  • Organize document in folders (New)
  • Revamped document sharing & access control feature (New)
  • Rebuilt document viewer (with a lot of bug fixes reported in the old app) (New)
  • Increased reliability of periodic data collection mechanism in document viewer (New)
  • The detailed document analytics & chart (Coming soon)

Document Set (Group of documents)

  • Formerly known as file links
  • Revamped document UI/UX (New)
  • The detailed document set analytics & chart (Coming soon)
  • More control over document link sharing (New)
    • Options to select visitor fields (name, email, phone, company name)
    • Document link expiry date
    • Remind if not link not viewed

Email Accounts

  • Now user can connect more than 2 email accounts (Gmail/SMTP) to SalesHandy (New)
  • Additional charges for per additional email account (New)
  • SalesHandy email sending quota for mail merge campaign: per email account basis (New)
  • Performance Improvements in SMTP email sending method

Mail Merge Campaign

  • Revamped campaign list, create and reporting UI (New)
  • Multi email accounts can be used for Mail Merge (New)

What’s coming next? 

Chrome Plugin

  • Per-recipient tracking
  • Individual email followup
  • Remind me if email not open/replied
  • And many more…

Outlook Plugin

  • Activity feed inside outlook plugin
  • Email scheduling
  • Outlook plugin for Mac
  • And many more…

Web App

  • Webhooks (zapier integration)
  • SMTP reply tracking
  • Email Tracking
    • The detailed history of email open/link click
    • Export email tracking data
    • Teamwise filter options
  • Email verification service integration in mail merge campaign
  • Custom link tracking domain for mail merge campaign
  • Custom domain for document tracking
  • Agency accounts for mail merge campaign
  • And many more…

SalesHandy Platform


We started building the product 2.5 years back as MVP (minimum viable product) which evolved over time based on customer’s feedback.


  • Initial idea was to build live document presentation software
  • Started focusing more to build a tool around email productivity


  • Full-fledged Document tracking
  • The first version of chrome and outlook released
  • Webhooks
  • Released Mail Merge Campaign


  • Removed Live Presentation feature (hardly made any impact)
  • Released new version of Mail Merge Campaign with Auto Followup
  • Started building Saleshandy 2.0


  • Released whole new platform – SalesHandy 2.0

By Piyush Patel

Piyush is the Co-founder and CTO of SalesHandy- A Data Analytics and Communication tool. He has expertise in Product Development and User Experience Design. He also writes about Technology.

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