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How To Write The Perfect Sales Emails5 minutes read

Every company works towards multiplying its sales. Various steps are taken by them to convert prospects into customers. Organizations use multiple channels for this purpose, e-marketing being one of them.

Email marketing has evolved as one of the best marketing channels. But to use it effectively, you must follow best email marketing practices. The reasons being it is low cost, requires less effort and can be personalized. Apart from this here you can find top email marketing software for your business.

One of the main aspects of e-marketing is drafting “the perfect emails”. An email should not be sent just for the sake of sending. It should be written in such a manner that the recipients are induced to read it till the end and drive them toward fulfilling the objective of the email. Here are a few tips to help you draft the of perfect sales emails-

1. Impress with subject line

Subject lines make the first impression of your email. It should be impressive and should be conveying some information about the email. It should be powered with the abilities to drive your recipients to open the email sent by you. It should be able to persuade them that the email is of much importance and he/she should read it.

Subject Line

2. Short emails are appreciated

It is a misconception that long emails have the power to produce more impact. With Inbox of subscribers being flooded with so many emails, a long email is a pain. The first view of long emails tends to develop a dislike towards it. It requires scrolling which makes it even more irritating. Short emails, with simple, to the point matter are always more convincing than the longer ones. The longer ones are mostly ignored, goes unnoticed and are marked as junk.

3. Friendly approach to be incorporated

Friendly approach is always the right way to draft emails. It gives a soothing feeling to the recipients. It is advised to keep the corporate prestige aside and drafting your emails in a friendly manner.

For example – While writing an email, it is always good to start it with “how are you?”, “how our product is treating you?”,etc. ,rather than going straight to the purpose of the email.

4. Make identifying you and your company easy

Often emails for which senders are not identified instantly are either marked as spam or are ignored. Make sure that your email address and the first few sentences of the emails help the recipients identify you and your company.

Including sender name,company name, occupation,and other personal information should be practiced.

5. Draft a personalised email

While sending emails, one tend to write to several recipients at a time.  It is advised to write emails, as if, it is being written to a single recipient. This will give your recipient a feeling of personal attention. Instead of “Hello” write “Hello George”. Try and put the name of the company you are addressing in the email. Mass customisation of email can be done with mail merge functionality of SalesHandy.

Draft a personalised email

6. Let it be informative

There should always be some valuable information conveyed through the email. If this information is backed up with the benefits the recipient will get, it works wonders. Note, the emails should not share the same information that are stated on the company’s website. It becomes a waste of time for the sender and the recipient.

7. Call to action should be included

Each and every email is sent with exceptation of some action from the recipients. These actions should be stated in the emails. This makes the actual purpose of the email clear. The activity of writing the email in such a fashion that it induces a desired action is called Call to Action.

For example, if the email is solely for sales, one can include – “this is regarding sales of [ product name]” . If it is regarding recipient’s opinion – ”your opinion and suggestions are most valued and awaited” can be added to the emails.

Call to action

8. Attachments should be avoided

Unnecessary attachments take time to open. This might be annoying sometimes. The recipients will get irritated and can ignore the attachments. Any important information should be added to the body of the email, rather than making it a separate attachment. If there is no option but to attach files, use weblinks. They are easy to open, are not client software dependent, and don’t get blocked by spam filter.

Even though these are some of the standard rules, every organization has to discover what works best for them. Email analytic software, like SalesHandy, can help you in this. It can track recipient’s activity. SalesHandy, tells you which of your email has been opened, if your emails are inducing activity like “clicking on a link”, if files are being opened, time spent on the file and also lets you A/B test your templates. These analytics help you perfect your email over time and increase its effectiveness.

Besides writing a good email, you also have to ensure that it doesn’t end up in the spam folder. Read how you can prevent your email from going into spam. You can also use standard proven templates to increase your email effectiveness.

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Will love to hear as comments, which of the above method has worked for you?

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