People Champion
Ahmedabad, India

We are looking for an enthusiastic executor who straight away dive into a problem, analyse it and start execution. A self starter personality to manage the HR (Human Resources Relationships) as well as do talent scouting. You will be the solo team member in HR dept., working closely with co-founders of the company.

If you are looking to kickstart your career in HR, this is the place to be.

What I’ll do? 🤔

  • You’ll administer leave & attendance because its mostly managed by the system. i.e HRMS system.
  • You’ll identify & solve the challenges faced by the team in the most creative and innovative ways.
  • You’ll process payrolls (Mostly a review of what system has calculated and remove data discrepancies, if any.)
  • Mostly you’ll work with Hiring Managers to recruit new team members and manage the recruitment process until onboarding. (50% of your time and efforts!)
  • You’ll nurture, promote & develop result-oriented work-environment in org.
  • You’ll listen & address the team’s happiness related concerns.
  • You’ll be the policy guidelines maker.
  • You’ll be overseeing & owning the office admin personnel.

What traits do I need? 📖

  • Excellent communicator. Storyteller. With excellent writing skills.
  • Fair understanding of human psychology.
  • Excellent in explaining things in simplified language.
  • A Regular player of any sports i.e cricket, tennis, badminton, running, etc.
  • An avid reader. Not necessarily a book worm. Must be grasping a lot of content on the internet or books or magazines or any other sources. i.e resourceful person
  • One with an obsession of keeping things organized.
  • Typing speed of minimum 30 words per minute.
  • A great listener. Creative thinker. Problem solver. Quick learner. Passionate. Optimistic.
  • The one who can build empathy with human problems.
  • One with high willpower, determination, integrity, self-respect, Self-reliance & patience.
  • Min. 1 year of exp. in Info. technology Industry. Irrespective of function (i.e HR, Marketing, Sales).

Why should I apply?

  • Excellent growth opportunity and open culture to ensure the best ideas win!
  • Learn from founders of the company directly, get coached by founders.
  • A clear career path with on job career guidance
  • Be a part of learning-culture
  • Be a part of fast-moving & growth startup
  • Leverage the benefits of working in a product based company

We have one of the best employee friendly culture to work with.