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How Saleshandy Managed End-to-End Cold Email Operations for Amplify

About Company

Amplify is a HR consultancy specializing in assisting service-based business esemployees to scale up and achieve growth. They help companies hire and recruit more employees. Their approach involves assigning a dedicated HR partner to deliver on-demand HR support and implementing the Find Grow Keep methodology to construct and enhance workplace culture.


  1. Steep learning in setting cold email campaigns
  2. Ineffective cold email camapigns
  3. Technical challenges due to a lack of knowledge in the cold email industry


  1. Dedicated Cold email Specialist
  2. Full technical Setup
  3. Executing End to End Outreach Campaigns

About Company

Sedin is an IT Solutions & Consulting company that provides services and solutions to both startups and big businesses. They offer a wide range of services, from developing software to analyzing data.


  1. Ineffective traditional outbound methods.
  2. Poor output due to manual outreach.
  3. No framework to implement outreach strategy.


  1. Deliverability suite and personalized sequences.
  2. Strategic cold emailing framework.
  3. Cold email automation.

Generating consistent leads is difficult for any business, especially when lacking expertise in outreach channels. For Amplify, an emerging provider of specialized HR consulting, lead generation posed a formidable challenge. 

Despite offering high-value services, they needed help to effectively convey their unique methodology and differentiate themselves in their cold email campaigns.
Rather than attempting to build lead gen capabilities in-house, Amplify HR wisely collaborated  with Saleshandy – industry experts in cold email outreach. By leveraging Saleshandy’s best practices, technical knowledge, and dedicated specialists, Amplify HR transformed its approach.

The collaboration enabled Amplify HR to overcome its challenges and kickstart a predictable flow of opportunities. 

Join us as we explore how Amplify HRs overcome the specific hurdles they faced and how Saleshandy empowered their lead generation success. With the right support, lead generation can shift from a barrier into a driver of rapid business growth.

Challenges that Amplify faced

Amplify has a very unique solution when it comes to HR consulting – Find Grow and keep. This method was different from all the other HR consultants in industry but still they were facing an issue of getting more business for themselves.

Failing to articulate their specialized approach meant missing opportunities to capture interest.

Additionally, Amplify HR faced technical challenges due to a lack of knowledge in the cold email industry, and setting up the required technical infrastructure(SPF, DKIM, DMARC) was a new endeavor.
Navigating the technical aspects of cold email campaigns added complexity to their lead generation efforts.

With no prior experience leveraging cold email software either, the learning curve to set up campaigns was steep.

This made resonating with potential buyers through emails challenging.

In essence, Amplify HR faced challenges due to lack of technical know-how, and unfamiliarity with the industry. They needed an experienced guide to help them overcome these obstacles and find an effective path for lead generation.

Solutions to Amplify problems

Dedicated Cold Email Outreach Specialist for targeted outreach

First thing that helped Amplify HR was a dedicated outreach specialist.  It was like having a seasoned guide in an unfamiliar terrain.

The specialist collaborated closely with Amplify HR team and identified their business goals and started working on creating outreach strategies that would work out best for them. The specialist also help them identify their Ideal customer profiles creating a clear roadmap for targeted outreach. 

End-to-End Technical Setup Assistance

Saleshandy  eased  Amplify HR’s technical burdens by taking charge of essential configurations. From DMARC and DKIM to SPF, Saleshandy ensured that Amplify HR’s campaigns were equipped with the robust technical backbone needed for success.

With Saleshandy’s expert guidance , Amplify HR no longer needed to decipher confusing acronyms. They could trust that the behind-the-scenes tech setup was in capable hans

Domain Procurement and Configuration

Recognizing the importance of a diversified approach, Saleshandy assisted Amplify HR in procuring 10 domains and 50 mailboxes.

Each domain was meticulously configured with SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and a Custom Tracking Domain, creating a robust foundation for secure and effective email outreach.

Cold email Best Practices with Saleshandy

All the best practices including Email warm-up  were implemented meticulously, starting with a conservative approach of sending 10 emails per day per mailbox. This thoughtful scaling strategy ensured high email deliverability without raising any red flags.

Executing the Outreach Campaigns

Amplify HR’s workload lightened as Saleshandy’s specialists stepped in to run campaigns directly from the Saleshandy platform.

This hands-free approach allowed Amplify HR to focus on core business activities, confident that the specialists were diligently implementing strategies to generate leads.

Additionally, Saleshandy went above and beyond by setting up sequences, incorporating spintax, and implementing sender rotation techniques.

This dynamic approach not only ensured high email deliverability but also added a personalized touch to each outreach, making the communication more engaging and effective.

Consistent Reporting

The Weekly Campaign Performance Reports became Amplify HR’s compass, offering a detailed look into the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.

Metrics on open rates, click-through rates, and engagement levels guided Amplify HR in refining and optimizing their approach for the coming weeks.


In the Amplify and Saleshandy collaboration, Saleshandy’s Specialist guided targeted outreach seamlessly, enabling hands-free campaign management and insightful Weekly Reports. 

Saleshandy’s software and best practices played a pivotal role, showcasing commitment to excellence. In conclusion, Saleshandy was more than a service provider; it was an indispensable ally, propelling Amplify HR to new heights in human resources.


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