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hotLead Doubled Their Revenue in a Year with Saleshandy

About Company

hotLead is a leading lead generation agency specializing in cold email campaigns. Committed to delivering high-quality leads to its clients, hotLead has been at the forefront of innovative strategies in the lead generation landscape.


  1. Lagging email campaigns
  2. Managing multiple clients on one platform
  3. Low deliverability issues


  1. Automated Email Sequences
  2. Sender Rotation
  3. Email Ramp-up Function

About Company

Sedin is an IT Solutions & Consulting company that provides services and solutions to both startups and big businesses. They offer a wide range of services, from developing software to analyzing data.


  1. Ineffective traditional outbound methods.
  2. Poor output due to manual outreach.
  3. No framework to implement outreach strategy.


  1. Deliverability suite and personalized sequences.
  2. Strategic cold emailing framework.
  3. Cold email automation.

As a lead generation agency renowned for its personalized approach and high-quality campaigns, hotLead has constantly sought to improve its workflows and optimize its cold email performance.

In the early days of hotLead, Piotr Wolniewicz, founder of hotLead faced challenges that all lead generation agencies experience.

The case study explores how hotLead overcame these agency challenges and achieved cost savings and a stable pipeline of leads by using cold email automation from Saleshandy.

Challenges hotLead faced

hotLead, an agency that send cold emails to generate leads, faced several problems despite its expertise. First, it needed a tool to send faster cold emails to people’s inboxes. Even a single email campaign took too long to reach its destination, making it harder to generate leads effectively.

Another issue was scaling their operations. Because of the complicated process of using different platforms, it became difficult for them to run lead-generation campaigns for multiple clients simultaneously. Managing and sending campaigns for many clients was a challenge for them.

Email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo kept changing their rules and policies. This made it harder for hotLead to ensure that their emails reached the intended recipients’ inboxes, despite their efforts to improve email deliverability.

In simple terms, hotLead struggled with slow email delivery, scaling their campaigns across different clients, and keeping up with constantly changing email policies—all of which made it difficult for them to generate leads effectively through cold emailing for their clients.

Solutions to hotLead problems

Automation and highly scalable outbound campaigns

After using Saleshandy, hotLead realized that they could significantly scale up their operations. Saleshandy’s advanced automated cold email sequences enabled it to manage 40 to 50 clients and even helped them manage and take 200 clients simultaneously.

Importantly, these automated campaigns were working, enabling hotLead to generate a steady stream of leads. Saleshandy’s automated campaigns made it much easier to handle many clients efficiently while achieving successful results.


Human-like outreach for their clients at scale

Two of the key features that helped hotLead reach prospects of multiple clients were Sender Rotation and Email Ramp-up. 

Sender Rotation allowed them to send one sequence from multiple email accounts, allowing them to mitigate the risk of getting marked as spam by ESPs.

Now, they can distribute their email-sending volume evenly across multiple accounts and maintain the sender’s reputation simultaneously.

Piotr wolniewlez review

They were also able to set up their daily email sending limits and gradually increased them daily with email ramp, giving their email accounts a boost and consequently helping them mature.

Quality and data driven reporting 

hotLead has always prioritized quality over quantity. Testing variants was crucial for hotLead to optimize its cold email campaigns.

With Saleshandy, they could create multiple versions of the same email with different subject lines, email copy, calls-to-action, and even sender names. These variants were then sent to smaller segments of their target audience.

They could identify the top-performing variants by tracking metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and response rates. This data-driven approach enabled them to make informed decisions and utilize the most effective email content and subject lines for their larger-scale campaigns, resulting in better lead generation and overall campaign performance.

Remarkable Results with Saleshandy

Since adopting Saleshandy for their cold email campaigns, hotLead has experienced game-changing results that have solidified Saleshandy as an integral part of their processes.

By leveraging Saleshandy’s powerful capabilities, they have been able to execute campaigns for their clients, enabling them to scale their operations as an agency and generate a significant influx of high-quality leads.

hotlead results with saleshandy

hotLead’s approach of prioritizing quality over quantity has given it a competitive edge in the industry, and its partnership with Saleshandy has played a pivotal role in its success.

With an impressive track record of 680+ lead generation campaigns and a staggering 96% successful campaign rate, hotLead’s growth trajectory is upward, driven by its commitment to excellence and the power of Saleshandy’s cold email automation solutions.

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