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How Opslyft booked 15 high-ticket meetings in a month with Saleshandy

About Company

Opslyft is a cloud management platform that focuses on providing actionable insights for technology and financial leaders.


  1. Manual outreach workflow
  2. Low email volume
  3. Unorganized prospect management


  1. Cold email automation
  2. Manage prospect conversations
  3. Flexible workflow

About Company

Sedin is an IT Solutions & Consulting company that provides services and solutions to both startups and big businesses. They offer a wide range of services, from developing software to analyzing data.


  1. Ineffective traditional outbound methods.
  2. Poor output due to manual outreach.
  3. No framework to implement outreach strategy.


  1. Deliverability suite and personalized sequences.
  2. Strategic cold emailing framework.
  3. Cold email automation.

Outbound sales is no cakewalk. Just ask Vansh Jain, who oversees Growth for Opslyft, a cloud management company. With only a team of 6 people, it was formidable to target new markets like the US and compete with big rivals.

They needed something better than their do-it-yourself approach.

Read how Opslyft gained traction outside their targeted market and generated cash from their outreaches.

Challenges that Opslyft faced

Opslyft is a startup trying to disrupt cloud cost management. The small team of 5-6 people knew they must grow their productivity to compete with bigger rivals, especially in the US zone.

Vansh Jain leads their Growth and events group. After gaining traction in India, Opslyft expanded to the US market. But they soon realized their manual email outreach process wouldn’t scale.

Opslyft heavily relied on Gmail and manual workflows for their outreach. But Gmail is not built for sending emails at volume, fulfilling the desired needs of cold emailing. 

Their manual process wasted too much time. They also had deliverability problems and wanted to avoid Gmail bans. 

With limited resources, Opslyft badly needed an automated sales platform that could address the needs of a small team targeting big goals.

Solutions to Opslyft problems

Vansh found that Saleshandy was the perfect fit. It not only reduced their tedious manual work but assisted in growing their outreach efforts by doubling the number of their email volume with a better workflow.

Unified Inbox made managing conversations easier

The Unified Inbox helped reduce the chaos with prospect conversations. Opslyft could easily track discussions without losing follow-ups. This streamlined system helped handle more volume of conversations with better productivity.

Syncing With HubSpot helped built better workflow

Connecting Saleshandy and HubSpot lets Opslyft seamlessly track prospects from start to finish. The synced tools gave full visibility into engagement. This made follow-ups and lead nurturing much smoother—no more lost prospects.

Templates automated their follow-up process

Saleshandy’s template library eliminated tedious copy-pasting of copies. The automation saved time spent on their manual outreach. Vansh’s small team got a major productivity boost.

Strong results

Soon, Opslyft saw results. In month one, they booked 15 high-ticket meetings and had 6 meetings in line with Saleshandy. They are thrilled with the quick US traction.

Now, Opslyft is accelerating growth. Vansh plans to increase email volume monthly with Saleshandy’s strategic cold emailing. 


Booked 15 high-ticket meetings in 30 days

40% increase in the U.S traction in the opportunities

2x more productivity than before

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