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one-on-one comparison! Sheer Docsend Alternative!

Why is SalesHandy the best DocSend Alternative?

SalesHandy is not just a document tracking tool. It is beyond just tracking and knowing who opens your documents.In addition to Document Management and Tracking, with SalesHandy, you get Email Tracking, Email Scheduling, Mail merge campaigns with automated follow-up, Link Tracking and In-depth engagement and behavior data of prospects.

More cost effective DocSend alternative.

SalesHandy is a Sales Engagement Platform best suited for teams of all sizes as well as individual professionals. One can track the shared document with advanced features that are allowed under DocSend Standard or Finance plan and in addition to this, SalesHandy offers email tracking, attachment tracking, link tracking, email templates, mail merge with automated follow-ups and detailed analytics at a very cost-effective price.

We know the pain when a sales guy or a sales team has to buy different sets of expensive tools for such functionalities, but with SalesHandy, one gets all the features mentioned above in a single platform for just $9/user/month ($7/user/month if paid annually) as compared to $65 or more per user/month that you have to pay for using DocSend. No restriction over the number of Documents, Document/Content types that can be used, Team folders and reporting and generating internal or external links.

Isn’t that something awesome!!


Other Features That Make SalesHandy A Better Alternative to DocSend
Team Management
With SalesHandy, one gets enhanced syncing capabilities with team. You can share the documents with your team members and manage it in folders within a regular plan while in DocSend, there is no such functionality in basic plan.
Document Set
SalesHandy allows you to create Document Set where you can create single link containing multiple Documents. DocSend doesn’t provide this feature in its basic plan, while you can use the same under SalesHandy’s regular plan.
Outlook Integration
Integrate your Outlook account with SalesHandy and leverage the benefit of Document Tracking. DocSend does not providing Outlook integration in it’s basic plan – You would have to go for a Standard plan for it that costs $65/user/month.
Along with documents, you will also be able to track the emails with double tick email open notifications with SalesHandy. DocSend does not provide this feature.
Link Tracking
Track the link that you included in your email with SalesHandy and get notified when your recipients are opening up the particular link.
At SalesHandy we don’t just sell features; User gets to enjoy supreme experience & support with it. We provide instant chat, email & telephonic support

Take your Emails and Documents to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.

Tap Into Your Productivity

Take your Emails and Documents to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.

one-on-one comparison
Check out an exclusive one-on-one comparison between Docsend and SalesHandy

$15 / Per User / Month

$9 / Per User / Month


Documents (Unlimited)


Page-by-page Analytics

Geo Tracking


Instant Notifications

Lead Capture

Gmail Integration

OutLook Integration

Forward Tracking

Real-time Tracking


Team Activity Reporting

(Available in $65 / User / Mo plan)

Team-wide Visit Reporting

(Available in $65 / User / Mo plan)

Team Document Utilization Reporting

(Available in $65 / User / Mo plan)

Team / Personal Documents

Team Folders & Reporting


Update After Sending

Access Control

Passcode Protection

Link Expiration

Reminder if Doc Not Viewed


Email Tracking

Double Tick Email Open Notification

Email Templates

Mail Merge (Sales Campaigns)


Custom Branded Document Viewer

(Available in $65 / User / Mo plan)


Email Support

Phone Support

(Available in $65 / User / Mo plan)

Custom Training & Onboarding

(Available in EnterPrise Plan)

* Docsend and the Docsend logo are registered trademarks of THE Docsend Inc. SalesHandy is not associated with Docsend in any way and its trademarks are only used here for comparative purposes.

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