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How Is MailChimp Alternative “SalesHandy” Different?

SalesHandy is not only a bulk emailing tool but it adds more value to your inbox. SalesHandy provides solutions in and around mass emailing. Don’t simply send emails in bulk but make the most of them by following up on these emails upto 9 stages using automated follow up feature provided by SalesHandy. Moreover, with SalesHandy you are getting Email Scheduling, Email Tracking, Email Templates and Attachment Tracking making it a productivity, engagement, and outreach tool. A perfect mailchimp alternative and much more.

SalesHandy - the World's Most lucrative Solution !!

SalesHandy is the best choice for Sales or Marketing team and for Soloprenuers, bloggers or any individual. You can send out the bulk emails you want using SalesHandy’s mail merge feature and get more engagement out of your campaigns using automated follow-up feature. Besides sending these emails, get a detailed analysis of these campaigns and track reply rate, link clicks and the success of your attachments as well which is not available in MailChimp.

Paying for 5 – 10 tools when you are starting out or explaining how 10 different tool works to the new team members can be a headache. But when investing in SalesHandy, you are not only saving your money but your time as well. Easily fits in your day to day life. And all this for just $16. No restriction on notifications. No restriction on the number of documents. No restriction on the number of shareable links.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? But totally worth it!! It’s Just $16/User/Month when compared to $50($25 + $10 + $15).


Notable Features That Make SalesHandy A Better Alternative to Mailchimp
With SalesHandy, send personalized emails to multiple recipients at a single time without much fuss. Just upload a CSV file in SalesHandy and type a short email and send it to your recipients way in just a single click. You can track open, click and bounce rate of these emails too.
MailChimp uses shared server which causes your emails to land in spam box or promotional tab. So, most of the time your emails are not received by your recipients. While SalesHandy sends all your emails from Google/Outlook’s servers.
Don’t wait around for your recipient’s reaction. Know when they open your emails with real time desktop notifications and not only that. Track replies and links as well. And this features is available for FREE forever.
You can track emails, schedule them, track links and documents right from your Gmail. You don’t have to be stuck in app like MailChimp. SalesHandy easily integrates with Gmail and Outlook which is not available in MailChimp.
Schedule the emails you want to send later. Don’t worry about the time difference. You can schedule your emails and send according to their time zone using our email scheduler. And you can schedule single emails as well. Plus it’s FREE forever.
Get a detailed analysis of your attachments. Now, you won’t have to worry about the proposals. You can track exactly what or which slides works for you the best and what gets more engagement with our page by page analysis.
Tap Into Your Productivity

Take your Emails and Documents to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.


Take your Emails and Documents to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.

one-on-one comparison
Check out an exclusive one-on-one comparison between MailChimp and SalesHandy
mailchimp alternative

$25 / Per User / Month

$20 / Per User / Month

Free Trial

(Limited Features)

(All Features)

Steps to Sign up

5 Steps

2 Steps

Subscribers Limit



Gmail and Outlook Plugin


Mail Merge Campaigns

Automated Follow Ups

Send as Reply

Personalized Emails


Gmail Integration

(Using Zapier Only)

Outlook Integration


Link Tracking

Individual Email Tracking

Double Tick Email Open Notification

Individual Email Scheduling

Email Templates

Real-Time Tracking


Documents Tracking(Unlimited)

Documents Set

Folder Functionality

Page-by-Page Analytics

Geo Tracking

Device Tracking


Email Support

Phone Support

Fanatic Chat Support

Custom Training & Onboarding

Free Support to all Users

24 Hour Email and Chat Support


Guaranteed Delivery in Primary Inbox

Sent from Google's Own server

Legal Policies



Account Suspension

MailChimp Authorities

Your Choice

Spam Control

Shared Server

*MailChimp and the MailChimp logo are registered trademarks of Rocket Science Group. SalesHandy is not associated with MailChimp in any way and its trademarks are only used here for comparative purposes.

**You can add as many subscribers as you want but you will have to pay more as you move ahead with more subscribers.

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