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How is Mailtrack alternative SalesHandy different?

SalesHandy is not just an email tracking tool. With SalesHandy one get personalized mail merge campaigns with automated follow-ups, email templates,  & recipient’s engagement data analytics to know prospect’s interest in your proposal. Also, you can use our free plan without any restrictions like “company branding signatures” in your email. You can track unlimited emails for free.

Integrations - Gmail / Outlook

With SalesHandy you can easily track emails send from within Gmail as well as Outlook. You simply install a plugin in your Gmail/Outlook & Voila!

On the other end with Mailtrack, you can track emails sent using only Gmail

Also, with SalesHandy free BCC to CRM functionality provided you can easily integrate your emails with any CRM. You have to pay some amount to do same thing using mailtrack 🙂


Features That Makes SalesHandy A Better MailTrack Alternative
SalesHandy email tracking is free forever. You can track unlimited emails for free with double tick and desktop notification in your Gmail. No Restriction over # of emails. Also, we do not have any compulsory ‘signature’ in the free plan.
With SalesHandy you can track all the emails you want. No compulsion over the no. of emails you send in a day. While in case of Mailtrack you have to pay a certain amount to remove the daily cap.
With Email Templates one can easily insert the content which is used repetitively like followup mails for sales team or support guides for support team. No Need to copy paste content repetitively.
SalesHandy provides many features besides just email tracking like prospect’s activity tracking & email campaigns.
SalesHandy lets you keep track of your and your team’s email campaigns and their success rate too. Using Mail Merge feature, you can keep up with your team’s work and can direct your team on the right path.
At SalesHandy we don’t sell just a software product, user buys experience & support. We provide anytime instant support over phone or email.
Tap Into Your Productivity

Take your Emails to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.


Take your Emails to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.

one-on-one comparison
Check out an exclusive one-on-one comparison between MailTrack and SalesHandy
Mail Track

Email Tracking



Gmail Integration

Outlook Integration


Link Tracking

Mail Merge with Auto Follow-ups

Create a Team

Email Support

Unlimited Email Notification

(In Paid Plan)

Double Tick Email Open Notification

(In Paid Plan)

Remove Compulsion

(In Paid Plan)

Shared Email Templates

Copy to CRM

(In Paid Plan)


Chat and Email Support

On/Off Tracking Controls

(In Paid Plan)

* Mailtrack and the Mailtrack logo are registered trademarks of THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY, S.L. SalesHandy is not associated with Mailtrack in any way and its trademarks are only used here for comparative purposes.

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