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How Is Alternative “SalesHandy” Different?

SalesHandy is a perfect alternative with a blend of features that make your emails more powerful & results generating. It is more than just a bulk emailing tool. SalesHandy sends smart mail merge campaigns for you which captures the behavior of recipients and helps you make informed decisions. With SalesHandy, you can send up to 9 stages of automated follow-up emails using set triggers to get the most out of your email campaign. Apart from email campaigns, SalesHandy has 5 more features as compared to & is positioned at a lower price than it.

SalesHandy - the World's Most Lucrative & Affordable Solution !!

SalesHandy is not only a powerful solution, it is one of the most affordable sales enablement platform out there. SalesHandy is crafted with a view to benefit Sales team, Marketing team, Soloprenuers, Bloggers, Freelancers or any individual who deals with emails. SalesHandy will make your emails smarter providing detailed insights of your recipient’s behavior enabling you to take the best possible action for the desired outcome.

SalesHandy provides features like Personalized Email Merge, Automated Follow Up Emails, Email Tracking, Email Scheduling and more. It saves your time, money & efforts letting you get more done using emails. SalesHandy will easily blend into your daily workflow with its advance Gmail and Outlook extensions.

This will be the best $27 you have ever spent as you can then bid adieu to 6-7 apps and welcome all-in-one sales enablement platform SalesHandy.


Notable Features That Make SalesHandy A Better Alternative to
SalesHandy lets you send smart mass emails with features like personalization, open, reply, click & bounce rate tracking, auto-follow-up in the email thread and more. Boost sales for your company with just a few clicks. Write an email, Upload a CSV file, Hit send & Done!
With Email Templates one can easily insert the content which is used repetitively like followup mails for sales team or support guides for support team. No Need to copy paste content repetitively.
We not only give you detailed analytics of your email merge campaigns but we also provide real-time desktop and double tick notifications whenever your recipient opens your email or click on the links inside it. You also get open history for each email with details.
Do everything straight from your Gmail Inbox or Outlook. You can schedule & track your emails, use smart shared email templates, set follow-up email sequences straight from your Inbox. Add superpowers to your email client.
Apart from scheduling bulk emails, this alternative will also let you schedule single emails and help you to send them at a time your recipient is mostly like to reply. Increase your reply, open & click rate with SalesHandy’s Send Later function – it’s FREE forever.
As we have a global user base to ensure all our users are being well taken care of, we provide 24/7 customer support. We provide instant live chat support along with email support.
Tap Into Your Productivity

Take your Emails to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.


Take your Emails to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.

one-on-one comparison
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$27 / Per User / Month

$300 / 5 Users / Month

Free Trial


Drip Campaigns

Email Sending Limit

5000/Per Day**

200/Per Day

Personalized Follow Up Emails

Automated Follow Up in Thread

Email Templates

Team Reporting

Unlimited Free Individual Email Tracking

Double Tick Email Open Notification

Unlimited Free Individual Email Scheduling


Chrome Plugin

Outlook Plugin


Open & Reply Rate Tracking

Shared Email Templates

Set Custom time duration gap between two consecutive emails

Gmail/Gsuite Integration

Real Time Desktop Notifications

Link Tracking

Gmail Send Later

Any IMAP/SMTP Configuration

Domain Block


Instant Live Chat Support

Knowledge Base

Email Support

Dedicated Account Manager

(Only with Enterprise Plan)

24 Hour Email and Chat Support

* and the logo are registered trademarks of SalesHandy is not associated with in any way and its trademarks are only used here for comparative purposes.

**Available only with Enterprise plan. Moreover, You can add as many subscribers as you want but you will have to pay more as you move ahead with more subscribers.

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