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How Is Right Inbox Alternative “SalesHandy” Different?

Right Inbox is a tool that empowers your Inbox with features like Email scheduling, Recurring emails, and private email notes. But we have a bigger & better option right in your budget that can supercharge your Gmail, Outlook or any other email client you are using. SalesHandy, a perfect Right Inbox alternative, boost your everyday productivity with features like Email tracking & scheduling (Free forever), and HTML email newsletters. SalesHandy also offers advanced features like mail merge with automated follow-up, domain blocking, individual email follow-up sequence and much more for effective marketing campaigns.

SalesHandy - the World's Most Lucrative & Affordable Solution!!

Why are we presenting SalesHandy as a cost-effective Right Inbox alternative? With Right Inbox, you get 3 basic features while with Right Inbox alternative: SalesHandy; you get 6 advanced features for your Gmail & Outlook. We offer a complete range of solutions with one tool which is easy to understand, manage, and inculcates easily in your day-to-day life. Save your time & money with features like Mail Merge with Auto-follow up, Email Tracking & Scheduling (FREE forever), Individual Link Tracking and much more.

SalesHandy is compatible with any email client out there using SMTP including iCloud, AOL, and much more.

This Right Inbox alternative will help you manage your emails and Inbox without you breaking a sweat. Eliminate all the tedious tasks from your day-to-day life that affect your productivity with SalesHandy.

With SalesHandy, you get insightful in-depth analytics of all your marketing campaigns that enable you to make data-driven decisions for the future of your business. Ready to make a smart decision? Start with SalesHandy’s free trial today!


Notable Features That Make SalesHandy A Better Alternative to Right Inbox
Say goodbye to the outdated simple emails and say hello to hassle-free smart bulk emailing which allows you to automate follow-up stages up to 9 stages & provides stage-wise campaign reports with actionable insights.
With Email Templates one can easily insert the content which is used repetitively like followup mails for sales team or support guides for support team. No Need to copy paste content repetitively.
Why wait for a reply when you can track every email you send? Get an upper hand on your deals with SalesHandy’s individual email tracking with features like real-time desktop and double tick notifications, individual link tracking, reply tracking and much more.
Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, you name it, SalesHandy seamlessly integrates with any email client through chrome extension, SMTP and Outlook plug-in. You can also connect any app or CRM you want to using Zapier Webhooks.
Our coolest update ever: Individual email sequence. Set up to 9 stages of automated follow-up right from your Inbox with any email you send. Professional persistence that will help you close more deals and will help you take your business to next level.
For us, customers are at the core of the force that drives SalesHandy’s team and we make sure that their queries gets resolved as soon as possible. We take immense pleasure in providing customer care 24/7 to our global customer base.
Tap Into Your Productivity

Take your Emails to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.


Take your Emails to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.

one-on-one comparison
Check out an exclusive one-on-one comparison between SalesHandy and Right Inbox
Right Inbox alternative

$7.95 / Per User / Month

$27 / Per User / Month

Free Trial


Email Tracking


Double Tick Email Open Notification

Email Scheduling



Dashboard Email Scheduling Feed

Recurring Emails

Email Notes

Individual Email Sequence

Campaign Limit

1600/Per Day

Custom Domain Tracking

Automated Follow Ups

Email Campaign

Email Templates

Detailed Features

Personalized Follow Up Emails

Human Like Sending

Shared Templates

Domain Blocking

Role Based Permissions

Team Reporting

Unlimited Individual Email Tracking for Outlook

Unsubscribe Link


Chrome Extension for Gmail

Outlook Add-In


Gmail/G-suite Integration

Webhook Integration


Any SMTP Configuration

Individual Link Tracking


Instant Live Chat Support

Knowledge Base

Round The Clock Email Support

Dedicated Account Manager

(Only with Enterprise Plan)

*Right Inbox and the Right Inbox logo are registered trademarks of Right Inbox. SalesHandy is not associated with Right Inbox in any way and its trademarks are only used here for comparative purposes.

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