Switch to Saleshandy & enjoy more flexible pricing than Woodpecker!

Switch to Saleshandy & enjoy more flexible pricing than Woodpecker!

Stop overpaying for Woodpecker. Enjoy Unlimited accounts, Team members and Warm up with Saleshandy!

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Here is how Saleshandy Beats Woodpecker

Unified Inbox

One Account only

Woodpecker does not provide in built email finder feature so you have to switch to some other tools for finding email and also verifying it.

Unified Inbox for Multiple Accounts​

Saleshandy provides a unified inbox where you can access all the replies from multiple email accounts in one place. It also allows you to assign deal value to every prospect to help you map and prioritize prospecting.

Built in Prospecting

Missing email prospecting

Woodpecker does not provide in built email finder feature so you have to switch to some other tools for finding email and also verifying it.

Built in Email LinkedIn Email finder

Saleshandy makes it easier to find & contact your leads. Our prospect search process makes it easy for sales reps to connect with prospects and make quick sales. You can now find an email address and also use unlimited custom fields for more information.

Sequence Score

No Sequence assessment

In woodpecker you can only optimize your emails sequence after sending the campaigns and knowing results.

Sequence Score

With Sequence score you can know about the leaks in your email sequence even before sending and optimize for the best results.

Write to Win

Lack of email writing assistance

Woodpecker does not offer any writing assistance to guide you through email writing or creating templates. You might never know if your email is up to the standard and you might have to look for templates and guides somewhere else that can be time consuming.

AI based Email writing assistance

Saleshandy’s Real-time Writing Assistant helps you create better emails and also allows you to check personalization scores and check for spammy words while you’re writing the templates to ensure higher engagement in the email sent.

A/B Testing

Lack of A/B Testing

Woodpecker does not provides A/B testing in their cold email plan even after charging so much. A/B testing is essential for outreach in order to find out what works and what doesn't.

Advanced A/Z Testing

Saleshandy provides advanced A/Z testing feature where you can test up to Z variants for your email copies and subject lines for maximum conversions.

Value for Money

Pay more for Less Features

Woodpecker charges more than it offers. Their starting plan is from 49$ which provides very basic features for cold emailing.

Pay less for more features with Saleshandy

Saleshandy provides affordable plans and offers more value than any other cold emailing tool. Our plans are created to ensure you get more than what you are paying for.

Choose Saleshandy over woodpecker for cold emailing & find, nurture, and convert the leads on a single platform

One-on-one comparison

Check Out An Exclusive One-on-one Comparison Between Saleshandy And Woodpecker



$44 / Month (Billed Annually)

$25/ Month (Billed Annually)

Free Trial




Deliverability / Email Safety

Email Verification / Clean List

Sequence Pausing

Sender's Rotation

Email Writing Assistance (AI)


Email Health Score

Missing Merge Tags

Ramp Up Sending Limit

Email Pre-header

Custom Tracking Domain

Blacklist Domains

Email Warmup


Prospect Outcome

Sequence Score

Unified Inbox

Unlimited Prospects and Steps

A/Z Testing

Email Personalization

Personalization Score

Email attachment

Multi-step Followups

Sending Window

Open, Click & Reply Tracking

Connect Gmail & Outlook

Custom Unsubscribe Text


Same-thread Followups


Prospect Management

Lists & Tags

Unlimited Custom Fields

CSV Import

Prospect Activity

Chrome Extension

Find and Add Email Address from LinkedIn

Add Prospect Directly from CRMs (HubSpot,Zoho,Freshsales)


Stepwise Reports

A/B Test Insights

Sequence Reports

Template Insights

Team Reports


Help Center of 100+ Articles

Instant Chat & Email Support

Training Videos

Demos & Onboarding


Admin Controls

Shared Templates

*Woodpecker and the Woodpecker logo are registered trademarks of Woodpecker. Saleshandy is not associated with Woodpecker in any way and its trademarks are only used here for comparative purposes.

Platform with a wide range of Features

Cold Emailing

Find, Nurture and Prospect all your cold leads on one single platform.

Automated Follow-ups

Send automated and personalized follow-ups to soar up your open and reply rates.

Email Deliverability

Land in the right inbox with a warm-up, Email Health Score, custom domain tracking, and bounce guard.

LinkedIn Email Finder

Get instant access to accurate and relevant email addresses.

Email Tracking

Eliminate guesswork to track every activity of your lead and make performance-driven decision.

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Affordable Plans

24/7 Live Support

10X User-Friendly

All-in-one Prospecting

Unlimited Sequences

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