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How is Woodpecker alternative SalesHandy different?

SalesHandy is not only a mail merge tool. It is goes beyond that. SalesHandy is a bundle of tools put together to increase your productivity. With SalesHandy, one can track emails and documents, send personalized mail merge campaigns up to 5000 emails in a day, create and send HTML email Templates and gain data analytics to know prospect’s interest and engagement level in your proposal.

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Personalized your emails with Automated follow-ups up to 9 stages

With SalesHandy, you can send personalized mass emails with ease. Add conditional trigger based automated follow-ups, up to 9 stages within your email campaign and increase reply rate, saving valuable time. Woodpecker restricts follow-up stages to 7 sets only. Along with email campaign, one can track unlimited emails and schedule unlimited emails free for a lifetime with SalesHandy. Unfortunately, you can not do the same with Woodpecker.

SalesHandy provides Chrome extension for Gmail users and Outlook extension that will increase your productivity. Woodpecker users cannot leverage such benefits as the tool does not support such plug-ins.


Features That Make SalesHandy A Better Alternative to DocSend
Get More Pay Less
Free trial of SalesHandy will allow you to send 200 personalized emails with unlimited individual email tracking with double tick email open notification and email scheduling free for life. The plus plan of SalesHandy costs you $20/month/user while Woodpecker charges you $40 just for email campaigns.
Domain Blocking
Don’t want to send emails to a particular domain while sending email campaigns? Don’t worry, with SalesHandy you can block sending emails to a given domain. All you need to do is upload a CSV file containing a list of Domains to be blocked, and you’ve done.
Not only your email campaigns! Track your team’s email campaigns and their success rate too. With SalesHandy you will come to know what campaigns are done by your team and how many are opened, replied to and bounced. While with woodpecker you would have to pay a lot for such feature ):
SalesHandy provides many features besides just Email Campaigning like document tracking, email tracking, automated follow-ups, email templates, prospect’s activity tracking & email scheduling.
With Email Templates one can easily insert the content which is used repetitively like followup mails for sales team or support guides for support team. No Need to copy paste content repetitively.
Instant Support
At SalesHandy we don’t sell just a software product, user buys experience & support. We are available to help our users with 24*7 online chat support, phone calls or email support.

Take your Emails and Documents to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.

Tap Into Your Productivity

Take your Emails and Documents to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.

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$16 / Per User / Month (Paid Annually)

$42 / Per User / Month (Paid Annually)

Mail Merge Campaigns With Auto Followup

No. of Follow up Stages

10 Stages

7 Stages

Contact Unlimited People(per month)

Gmail/Gsuite Integration

Team Functionality

Any IMAP/SMTP Configuration

Email Support

Link Tracking

Team Reporting

Individual Reporting


Open & Reply Rate Tracking

Automated Followup in Thread

Time Zone Setting

Domain Block

Shared Email Templates

Unlimited Individual Email Tracking

Double Tick Email Open Notification

Unlimited Individual Email Scheduling

Chrome & Outlook Plugin For Email Productivity

Instant Live Chat Support

Set Custom time duration gap between two consecutive emails

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