Know what happens to your document after you hit send
Document Tracking


Share, Track and Monitor your documents
Instant Notification
Get notified with real-time Desktop Notification whenever the viewer opens your document.
Track Location
You can track the precise location from where the prospect has opened your document.
Set Expiration Date
Set the expiration date of the link so that the recipient will be unable to see documents after a specific time.
Document Open Rate
Get the insights about how many times a prospect has opened the document.
Time Spent On Document
Know exactly how much time the prospect spends on your document
Gmail and Outlook Integration
Send your documents and document links directly from Gmail or Outlook.
Capture Viewers Details
Ask for the visitor information and know who is opening your document.
Password Protect Your Documents
Restrict unauthorized users from accessing your documents.
Document Management
Know which document is performing the best. Also, organize and set access preferences.
Create and Share Document Folders
Create folders and share them with specific teams to organize documents effectively.
Remind If Not viewed
et a notification if your recipient didn’t open your document until a specific time.
Allow Downloading
Take control over your document by enabling or disabling the option to Download
Custom document-link
Create a custom document link for a specific individual and track document forwarding.
Page-wise Analytics
Find out the time a recipient spends on each page as well as what percentage of document one has viewed.
Document Set Tracking
Create a single link that consists of a set of multiple documents and get detailed analytics.


Track your business documents and enhance your prospect follow-up

With SalesHandy’s Document Tracking, you can track your Documents, Presentations, Sales Proposals, Pitch Decks, Marketing Material and Sales Collateral after you hit the ‘Send’ button. Understand your prospects’ behavior and engagement regarding your documents and thereby align your Sales Strategy.

Document tracking report
Send Power Packed Documents
SalesHandy Document tracking Software makes documents sharing more effective for the sales team by enabling them to send, track, control & track engagement with document analytics.