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Personalize email templates

Personalise templates with merge tags

Use <merge tags> within your template to send a personalized template to different people. Send personalised emails using templates in campaigns and boost your outreach.

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HTML Templates (1)

Use HTML Templates with ease

Create HTML templates in SalesHandy and use it in Gmail. Paste your HTML code in the source code window, and your template will be created.

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Template shortcut

Add templates with shortcuts

Open the Gmail compose box and type in your personalized shortcut to load the template. You do not need to waste time searching in the template boxes.

Available for Gmail   Outlook
Track Performance

Track Template’s Performance

Know which recipients have replied to your emails. Quickly identify the important email replies in your otherwise flooded inbox.

Available for Gmail   Outlook
Manage templates

Manage templates in folders

You can create folders to organize templates effectively. Create folders and share them with your team with various preferences and levels of access.

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Share templates

Share templates with team

Share your personal templates with your team members with just one click. Get email analytics of your whole team.

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  • Julian Wilden


    SalesHandy is the tool I was looking for. Easy to work with to cold email my prospects.

  • Jose Armendariz


    SalesHandy has made sending emails so much easier. The fact that I can set up stages to follow up with my customers is dang near priceless.

FAQs for Email Templates

Yes, you can edit and delete a template that you have created and it will automatically sync with Gmail and Outlook.

Yes, you can use templates while creating a mail merge campaign. You will see the list of all your templates in compose box itself.

Yes, you can create and save email template directly from Gmail compose box using SalesHandy.

You can create up to 5 personal email templates and save it in SalesHandy with you free plan.

Yes, currently we provide three pre-saved commonly-used email templates. Soon we will be rolling out a template directory for you to use.

The success rate is the ratio of the times template is used and the open rates. We just simply divide it and give you the percentage.

This often happens because of formatting issues of the email client. You might have copied your email template from MS-word, some website or from an old email. When you copy this data from one source and paste it into another, a lot of hidden formatting gets added into your template. This new formatting might not support in all email clients and messes up the email.

In order to create your template, we strongly recommend first passing it through a plain-text editor. Copy your text and then paste it into the plain-text editor (notepad) to strip out all the formatting. Then, copy it and paste it into your template. This would solve the issue. Also, test your emails before sending.

Solution: In order to create your template by copying data, we strongly recommend first passing it through a plain-text editor. Copy your text and then paste it into the plain-text editor to strip out all the formatting. Then, copy it out of the plain-text editor and paste it into your template.

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