Get high deliverability with a real warm-up

Get high deliverability with a real warm-up

Email Warm-up helps grow your reputation to deliver right into your recipients’ inboxes

(Saleshandy users can use warm-up tool for free with our partner TrulyInbox)

illustration showing email warmup boosting business reputation from 30% to 90%

The real and safest solution to warm up your emails

Set auto warm-up for all your accounts in 1 minute

Start your warm-up automatically by connecting your multiple email accounts with any email service provider in no time.

Illustration showing AI mimics human email interaction for effective inbox warm-up, boosting email reputation and deliverability through a network of safe inboxes.

Human-like algorithm for a real warm-up process

Do a real warm-up for your mailbox by interacting with a network of safe inboxes and unique AI to improve both your reputation & deliverability.

Warm-up your email account progressively

You can drive the pace of your warm-up process. Ramp up your daily email sending as per your needs for different email accounts.

an image showing how progressively users can warmup multiple email accounts
An email avoiding the spam folder and landing in the inbox, symbolizing improved reputation.

Skip your emails from spam with improved reputation

Warm up by sending small amounts of personalized emails to grow your sender’s reputation and gradually improve your deliverability.

Monitor deliverability with detailed analytics

Keep an eye on your growing inbox deliverability and reputation with a detailed representation of emails sent and received over time.

Detailed analytics dashboard monitoring email deliverability

Increase your deliverability and get high open rates.

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