Focus on Clients, not Emails

SalesHandy helps you reach more potential clients and close more deals.

Grow your client base by sending personalized proposals to multiple prospects at once
Send smart auto follow-up emails that help you increase response rate
Track freelancing proposals that you send and know what happens with it
Schedule freelancing proposals to be send later
Track documents that you attached with your emails
Track attachments and measure success of it.
Send personalized mass emails without getting blocked

Send personalized mass emails that help you get more clients without getting your email account blocked. Ensure that your freelancing proposal hits your prospect’s inbox.

Automated follow-up emails for high response rate

With Saleshandy, you can set behavior-based automated follow-up emails to your email merge campaigns that improve reply rate by 10X and help your business grow faster.

Know interest level of your prospects

Get to know the interest level of your prospects on your freelancing proposal with SalesHandy’s email tracking. Get the real-time desktop notification when your prospect opens your proposal. Also, get analytical data like the number of email open, entire email open history, number of link clicks and more.

Email Scheduling based on prospect’s time-zone

Find the best time when your prospect is online and schedule your proposals to be sent at that time. SalesHandy lets you schedule emails based on your prospect’s timezone for precise time targeting.

Document Tracking with engagement analytics

Get engagement analytics data for freelancing proposal documents that you share with potential clients. Get data like document viewed, time spent on each page and more to measure the success rate of your documents.

Other reasons that make SalesHandy out-of-the-box
Gmail, Outlook and SMTP Integration

You can use SalesHandy with Gmail, Outlook or any other email services using SMTP settings. We also have Chrome extension for Gmail and Outlook plugin that adds superpowers to your inbox.

Instant Desktop Notification

Get instant desktop notification whenever the recipient opens your email. See the number of opens and complete email open history from SalesHandy’s dashboard.

Centralized Collateral Management

Manage all your sales documents in one place. Organize your files by teams, company or private.

Team Management

Share your email templates and documents with your team by simply inviting other members of your team to join. Create roles and set other preferences.

Domain Blocking

Block sending emails to a particular domain. One can upload a CSV file containing a list of domains or can add a single domain to domain blocklist.

Unsubscribe Button

Add Unsubscribe button while sending mass emails to increase trust and credibility. Your recipient will not get further emails from your side once they opt-out.

Email Analytics

Get detailed engagement analytics of every email you sent whether it is individual or an email campaign. Also, measure the performance of all the documents that you share.

Protected Against Spamming

Set time interval between two emails while sending mass emails so that you don’t appear like a spammer to the spam-filters, increasing deliverability rate.

Allow Multi Email Accounts

Integrate more than one email account with SalesHandy and use all of them to send individual emails or email merge campaigns with automated follow-ups.

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