Getting Started With SalesHandy Chrome Extension
Follow this steps to successfully setup SalesHandy & start tracking & scheduling emails

Step 1. Install Chrome Extension

If you haven’t yet installed chrome extension, hit the below button to add it to your chrome.

You will see the popup in the middle top of your chrome browser. As shown here (on right side). Hit “Add Extension” to add SalesHandy email tracking plugin to your chrome browser.

Or alternatively you can visit chrome store to install email tracking plugin.


Chrome extension
Step 2. Connecting SalesHandy With Gmail
Haven't sign up on SalesHandy

In the case, if you haven’t sign up on SalesHandy previously. You will see a popup saying “Account Not Found” in your gmail. As shown below.

Plugin use instructions

Hit “Link This Email Account” Button To Proceed Further.

This will take you to the SignUp Page, Fill In the details create your SalesHandy account.

Already have SalesHandy account

In case you already have SalesHandy Account, you will simply find the popup saying “Activated Successfully“. As Shown in below screenshot.

Plugin use instructions
Step 3. Activated SalesHandy Successfully!

Once you have activated plugin successfully you can see compose box with components of SalesHandy Plugin.

compose box with saleshandy
Common Issues


I have account on SalesHandy but still i am finding “Activate SalesHandy” button.

Activate SalesHandy 1

You might have logged in to your gmail with different account, then your SalesHandy account. It should be same. Email address of Gmail & SalesHandy Account should be same to get your chrome extension activated.


Either change the gmail account you have logged in or signup again on SalesHandy with same gmail account you want to operate with.

Other account


I’m not able to see gmail plugin, thought i have installed it OR Plugin is not loaded properly.

Sh chrome extension

Case 1:

This might be because of low internet connectivity or connectivity breakage.

Case 2:

Sometimes happens that you might have installed some other email tracking plugin. Since all extensions are built using same technology few times it causes issue to load SalesHandy gmail plugin.


Case 1:

In such case just reload Gmail / hard refresh the page .

For Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + R


Plugin loaded SalesHandy

Case 2:

In this case please disable other mail tracking plugin in chrome : Settings > Extensions > Disable other email tracking plugin


Below are few of the questions which are frequently asked by our user.

I have sent test email to my self and opened still not getting read notification.

For the users convenience, we block the self open notification. If not, every time the user open the sent mail from sent box. SalesHandy Email Tracking Plugin will read the pixel and deliver the read receipt notification.

Not getting read notification, thought the recipient has confirmed read receipt.

Sometimes, it happens that recipient have their images disabled. This won’t allow out tracking pixel to load hence, we won’t be able to notify you or confirm the read receipt.

If you are still facing any queries, reach us at [email protected] our team will be happy to help.