Send cold emails

that grow your MRR

Send cold emails that grow your MRR

Personalized and automated email sequences to convert your leads into recurring users

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Grow your MRR with cold emailing

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Find, convert, retain & grow your SaaS customers

Convert trial users into paid customers

Keep sending active email sequences to your trial users and let them adopt your features offering value. Use multiple email stages or steps to make them use your premium software, sending automated and personalized one-to-one email campaigns to act responsively.

Grow outbound targeting your ICP

All you need is to build a list of your targeted ICPs and design a template for your emails. Saleshandy will take care of reaching out to them in the way exactly you want. We just don’t limit to reaching out, we take follow-ups on your behalf until your prospect replies.

Boost upsell among your active customers

Push your active customers slightly with light email sequences to make them think upon trying your add-on features. All you need is to segment your top-selling customers from the list and prepare a personalized campaign for them. Include discounts, offers, and personal invitations and send them using Saleshandy.

Retain your leaving customers

Separate your inactive users and send a personalized follow-up sequence before they cancel their subscription. Keep asking them questions, and stay in touch to let them use your product. Saleshandy can be utilized just not for onboarding but to reduce your churn rate.

Segment your leads into accounts

Your SDRs can easily segment your active customers into a number of groups doing account-based selling. Group and send them personalized targeted email campaigns, whenever they can reply to you the best. Keep the focus on your targeted outbound sales outreach with Saleshandy.


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