Smart email tracking for  Outlook

Smart email tracking for Outlook

Know when someone opened or replied to your email right from your Outlook.

track your outlook emails smartly using saleshandy

A complete productivity suite

track opens and clicks on your campaign with saleshandy

Track your opens & replies

Know how many times the recipient opened your email. Analyze the email history to track your recipient’s interest level.

Get instantly notified on desktop

Receive real-time desktop notification pop-ups when someone opens your email.

get realtime notification when someone opens your emails
track each link clicks on your emails

Track individual clicks

Track each click on links in your emails. Toggle enable the Link Tracking from the setting in your email compose box.

Get data-driven with Outlook tracking

Insert email templates right within Outlook

It’s easy to insert email templates when composing emails. Choose from the best-performing templates.

easily insert template emails when drafting emails
get record of all email tracking metrics

Get an actionable report

Get a record of all opens, clicks, and replies from email tracking metrics. Easily export CSV to make an actionable report.

How to get started

 Let’s track and schedule your emails directly from Outlook account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Download the Microsoft outlook email tracking plugin from here
Step 2: After installing Saleshandy, open the Outlook app and fill in your Saleshandy login details. You have to signup if you haven’t created your Saleshandy Account.
NOTE: Without Saleshandy Account you will not be able to track your emails. If you don’t have Saleshandy Account then please proceed to step 3.
Step 3: You can create a Saleshandy account by clicking Start free trial.

While composing your email, click on the email tracking button. When the tracking button turns blue, Saleshandy Outlook email tracking tool will be enabled to track your emails.

Step 1: Open File menu and click on Options.
Step 2: Click the Add-ins button on the left side, Manage Dropdown and select “Saleshandy Email Tracking” select COM Add-ins at the bottom, and then hit the “Go” button.
Step 3: See the checkbox of “Saleshandy Email Tracking” whether it is checked or not, if not then check it and hit the OK button.

With Outlook Read Receipt, users get a notification when the recipient opens their email but they don’t get to know about how many times the recipient has opened their email. But using Saleshandy, users get all the insights about opens, clicks, replies and counts.

Salehandy’s email tracking outlook add-in supports 2010, 2013 and 2016 on Windows (both 32 bit and 64-bit versions). Saleshandy also supports your Office 365 work account.

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  • It was never easy to know opens without annoying read receipts!

    – Joe Jackson,

    Sales Manager, JMG Marketing

  • Saleshandy manages my sales emails so I spend time with more selling

    – Leonardus Mikael,

    Head of Sales, ZipHR

  • Key to sales! Really a great product to follow opening email by our customer!

    – Olivier Frascone,

    Partner, Butterfly Pixel

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