Grow outbound  sales  with  advanced cold email outreach

Grow outbound sales with advanced cold email outreach

Automate your personalized outbound email sequences with Saleshandy to scale your business & convert more prospects

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outbound sales with advance cold emailing

Trusted by 10,000+ companies of all sizes

Make your outreach more productive, effective, & responsive

Source prospects for continuous outreach

Never let your pipeline go dry with integrated lead sourcing at just one click. Uninterrupted lead’s flow closes more deals and makes your business more predictable.

Personalize outreach to start new conversations

Unless you’re a human, your prospects won’t reply. Build a human relationship with your prospects with highly personalized cold emails and generate new opportunities.

Schedule emails when prospects can reply

Work more on closing deals and let Saleshandy scale your outreach by sending automated proactive emails to your prospects on your set customized time.

Follow up with prospects on time

Never miss any follow-up with your prospects. Automated follow-up sequences let you set time in advance so you can focus more on selling.

Send only what people want

Never get satisfied with one version of your copy and subject lines. Use Saleshandy’s A/Z testing to choose from variants up to Z for maximum conversions.

Collaborate with team

Share real-time reports with your managers and colleagues to analyze the stats and judge what works and what doesn’t. Improve decision-making for future campaigns based on past reports.


“Saleshandy is truly a handy tool for anyone working in sales”

Chris Gant
Design Director, Preply