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How To Boost Your Cold Email Outreach Effectiveness

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Cold email outreach is hard, and the act of sales itself goes against the grain of the average Joe’s comfort zone.

Hence, looking out for pointers to write an effective Business email for a cold email outreach is natural. Traditional sales calls, in-person meets, and meeting strangers are all out of the comfort zone too.

Salespeople, however, make it an integral part of their career. Entrepreneurs do sales every single day.

But they aren’t the only ones.

Dan H. Pink, an author of To Sell is Human, writes that we are all in sales now. We are in the business of moving people and we engage in acts of persuasion every day.

With cold email outreach, we are just changing the medium of approach. AIDA still lives, rejection is real, and results will come in if you do it well.

Cold email outreach can be effective because we all check our emails, multiple times a day. Assuming you verify the email address, the more effective your outreach is, the better your results are going to be.

Dmitry Dragilev of Criminally prolific provides you with 26 templates that guarantee you a response and Steli Efti of is a proponent of cold emails while providing a wealth of information on how to get started with cold emails for sales and business.

Templates, tricks, tips, will all help, but it’s not everything.

Sam Parr of The Hustle writes that Neville Medhora has a “framework” to make your cold email efforts more effective.

Shane Snow sent out more than 1000 emails (out of which 293 emails bounced). Out of all the people, Shane sent the emails to, only 1.7% replied. That’s abysmal.

Shane does make an observation that’s critical for you if you are doing cold email outreach or anyone who sends out any kind of an email, ever: personalization.

If you’d like to send out cold emails that work for you, here’s what you should do:

Learn From Others

They say that you can never do anything worth it alone. So, just don’t.

Pick up valuable lessons from many others who did send out cold emails to meet their own goals.

One quick search on Google with something like “Best examples of Cold email Outreach” and you’d have more lessons on cold email outreach than you’d expect.

Here are a few noteworthy results:

The big daddy sales email template that helped win 16 new B2B customers by HubSpot.

Successful Cold Email Rules with LeadFuze’s Grading Criteria.

HBR’s Guide to Cold Emailing

Steli Efti’s Winning Cold Email Follow Up Game Plan.

Really, what’s stopping you from learning from the best?

Always Keep Testing

cold email outreach

Cold email outreach can be a blind, dark tunnel. You’d never know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t test what you do against the responses you get. While testing is a best practice for digital marketing, it doesn’t have to be limited to just that.

Test subject lines, your email content, the approaches and angles you’d take when compiling emails, the source of leads, the kind of people you reach out to, and also the salutations (would you say Hi or would say Howdy?).

Testing works great when you have large sample sizes and enough data to make decisions with.

Don’t jump the gun to quick (or too late).

Stop Expecting

Cold Email Outreach

The expectations you have, the harder you’d fall. There’s a reason why “detached attachment” is crucial to get you the results you seek while you keep your sanity. When you send out cold emails, you begin to expect.

You refresh your stats only to fall all over your open rates, bounce rates, and reply rates. You’d want to see who wrote back to you, what they said, and you’d secretly hope that they send in their credit card numbers for you to do what you please.

It won’t happen that way.

Much like regular sales, cold email outreach uncovers a roller coaster of emotion.

Your hard work can quickly go to naught.

Your emails go unanswered.

Even worse, you’d get rejections straight up.

So, what? There’s another set of leads for you to send emails to tomorrow.

Get Real

The Internet has a nasty habit of making you believe in things — a tad too soon then you’d like. Remember SEO? It became so popular that most small businesses and bloggers still focus on SEO alone (as if other digital marketing channels don’t stand a chance).

SEO is quickly evolving to be much more than on-page and off page gimmicks now.

Read a few Cold email outreach blog posts and you’d be forgiven to believe that it’s just about tools, templates, strategy and energy.

It’s not. As Shane Snow quickly found out, cold email is still about people. One person sending email to another one.
Take time to find out about whoever it is that you are writing to. Make it personal. Write like you write to a friend. Personalize your emails. Switch up your playbook entirely when market dynamics change. Events like COVID-19 demand a new outreach strategy if you wish to keep closing and retaining customers.

Do More of It

The more rejection you get, the more you ought to do just that. Strange, but true. Practice sending out emails even more than you ever did.

Sending out emails more makes you better at formulating better emails, puts you into a habit of “reaching out” for no apparent reason than to put in a good word, makes you a maverick “no agenda sales person”, and it gets you into a sort of a flow that never breaks.

You’ll learn from your mistakes. You’ll make tweaks. You’ll try variations. You’ll test subject lines. You’ll get used to rejection. You’ll slowly build up your pipeline.

If nothing, you’ll at least get the opportunity to know many people you’d have never known otherwise.

How are you doing your cold email outreach campaigns? Tell us all about it.

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