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Sales acceleration technology!

This is the new face of insider sales. The insider sales landscape is evolving, fast. Each and every day more and more sophisticated sales acceleration tools are coming up.  The market is booming and is awash with various sales acceleration tools.  In fact, according to Gartner’s estimates, this technology has created a $20 billion market and is expected to hit $36 billion by 2017!

Today, more than ever, businesses are relying more on sales technology to boost their performance. And, in order to stay on top, insider sales team’s managers are scampering for every top-notch tool around. It is tough.

The price of working for a rapid growth company

Growth target puts a lot of pressure on the salespeople to hit a bigger number.  They need more views, more MRR, more SQL and more upsell.  A lot of pressure to perform in an ever-changing, cold sales environment. Painfully, if your campaigns are the flop, you risk losing your job. Because you are in a business and your business is making sales. So there is no business if you are not making any progress.

Now the hard questions

When everything gets so hard, sales team get frustrated. You wonder:

Why is our sales campaign tanking?  Why is the traditional marketing technology you are used to is not working? What is the next must-have sales acceleration technology?  How do you tame (or ride in, favorably) with the skyrocketing demand for sales management tools?

It’s tough…You know you desperately need help…

A business is about evening out; it is about performance which will translate to more productivity. You need sales acceleration software. And not just sales software, but one that will help you remain profitably in business.  But what is this sales acceleration?

Sales acceleration technology increases the productivity of sales teams, both in efficiency and effectiveness, while improving the client’s experience, through automation and deep engagement analytics. The technology is aimed at filling the existing gaps in insider sales departments.

Filling the existing Gap: the ruthless driver behind the scenes

The gap that exists in the sales departments can only be filled by providing advanced automation of the critical sales process. Besides, these tools provide the buyer with comprehensive buyer insights in order to streamline sales process.

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What are these gaps that inspire the development of the next wave of sales tools?

  • The trend of volume over quality– The problem is marketing automation systems have had to fulfill the growing demand for leads. This leads to the creation of weak leads (quantity versus quality issue). As a result, the sales team spend much time on unqualified leads. A savvy, sales tool can help manage this situation.
  • Need for more personalized conversations. Everyone hates waking- up to thousands of spam emails or 20 ten cold calls from individuals who do not understand their business.  That is why there is a need for than just customer relationship management tools, like Microsoft’s Excel of or Access. These tools do wonders in storing important client data but provide no real-time market intelligence. That is where sales acceleration tools come in- providing representatives with the right data in a useful context, especially during sales calls.
  • Customers challenge: They no longer want to meet sales reps-This is a face it or quit business issue. The sales scene has changed. Today’s customers are not into the in-person meeting. According to Gartner’s prediction , 85% of customer relationships will be handled without talking to humans by 2020.[Tweet “According to prediction, 85% of #customer #relationships will be handled without talking to humans by 2020. “] The best way to ensure great customer experience in this new environment is to instantly connect callers with the most suitable representatives. The reps also need to be provided with the data needed to solve pain points, establish rapport with the customers or close deals
  •  Need to amp sales and keep a competitive edge. With the ever-increasing demand for sales representatives, companies are recruiting less experienced sales reps. Most importantly, all inside sales reps need to chance on every advantage that comes their way, and especially those with less experience.  And technology can make less experienced sales reps to perform like A players.

How sales acceleration technology work. 

  • By using analytic to measure what works-
    Sales tools can give sales teams greater insights to client-side behaviors by employing deep engagement-analytics. By doing so, they can see a client’s interests which help them to nurture and develop a relationship.
  • By creating customer-focused sales processes- Sales representatives trained to be product-focused can be challenged when it comes to customer-focused relationships. Sales acceleration tools can help to bridge that gap and by providing more insight into clients’ interests.
  • By getting perfection using A/B testing- Emails, for instance, are the perfect test for the prospects first impression of your company. Before pouring more money and energy into a launch or whatever, be sure that what you are selling (or doing) is something your prospect needs. A/B testing can effectively help you gauge their response.

Numerous sales tools are already sailing the ship in this waves & successfully filling the above-mentioned gaps. SalesHandy is one of them! You can drive your sales team with SalesHandy.

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By Dhruv Patel

A marketer, people person, SaaS enthusiast, hustler & growth hacker. Always smiling & ready for help. Co-founder at @SalesHandy

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