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“Saleshandy's automation helped me close clients, three times more than before!"
“Saleshandy's detailed analytics helped us optimize our campaigns for the better.”
“Helped me automate and scale my campaigns which got me good results."
“Support is so fast, Saleshandy helped us get a 15% meeting set rate with an automated cold email process.”
“Saleshandy's automation helped to scale our business from few to many clients!”
“Although I am a one-man army, Saleshandy gives me amazing value and results.”

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Emily R.

Senior Marketing Manager, Enterprise

Saleshandy, all in one platform!
Saleshandy provides us ease of use with the creation of emails that help us to complete our prospecting tasks in minimum time. It provides us with friendly features which help us to collaborate with our team anytime and anywhere.

Ernie S.

Manager, Small-Business

Just brilliant!
Automatic follow up-sequences has never been this easy. I really like how I can see who has opened my emails and links, how often, and when. It tracks every single opening of an email, no matter who opens it. Their customer service and technical team are also happy to answer questions and help, and I am impressed with Saleshandy's commitment to innovation.

Kyle Nowack


Loving Saleshandy so far! This is exactly what my business needed. I've been looking for over a month for software to do what they do but didn't like any of them or they were to complicated. Saleshandy was so easy to setup and the Ul is very nice!

Jared W.

Digital Marketing Specialist, Small-Business

Saleshandy has been the driving force behind a recent cold email campaign.
Easy to use with great integration. Great customer service.

Hozefa A.

CEO, Small-Business

Effortless Automation of Marketing Campaigns.
We are getting effective results for our Outbound Marketing campaigns. I highly recommend Saleshandy, which is an effective automation tool!

Leonardus M.

Head of Sales, Small-Business

Saleshandy really helpful to manage sales email and verify the email address.
Verify feature email and sequence emails

David S.

Head of Performance & Management, Control Director

Very efficient, easy to use and great value for money.
Value for money and very efficient tracking

Julien O.


Saleshandy is a must for email outreach.
I love the daily saleshandy reports as well as the shortcuts that saves me a lot of time on a daily basis.

Usher Smith

Small Business

Saleshandy has completely changed my sales process!
I like seeing my emails when they are opened and how quickly I receive a response.

Uriel Norman


My secret intelligence tool.
Saleshandy is simply the best. Feature-wise, it is great to see when someone I have emailed opens my email again, even several weeks after it was sent. Elated in knowing how many times the email has been opened and when. Through this tool, I am able to follow my email through my contact's internal process and ascertain whether my offers are under consideration or simply glanced over once.

Hasnaa B.

Business Development Manager Small-Business

Impressive Tool! I got lots of leads using it!!! So happy!!!
I love the simplicity of their features. So easy, fluent and friendly to use. I also love their customer service!!!! Expert answers in less than 1-2 minutes to any query at any time !!! I love the improvements the tool is making all the time. Really cool and I recommend it to anyone wanting to automate their cold emailing!

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