Love for Saleshandy

Love for Saleshandy

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“Saleshandy's automation helped me close clients, three times more than before!"
“Saleshandy's detailed analytics helped us optimize our campaigns for the better.”
“Helped me automate and scale my campaigns which got me good results."
“Support is so fast, Saleshandy helped us get a 15% meeting set rate with an automated cold email process.”
“Saleshandy's automation helped to scale our business from few to many clients!”
“Although I am a one-man army, Saleshandy gives me amazing value and results.”

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Julia M.

Director of Sales, Small Business

Simple and Effective Sales Outreach Tool
Saleshandy is pretty easy to use with a minimum learning curve. Unlike other sales outreach apps, I don't need to explore for hours or days to learn how to use them. The interface is so intuitive and easy to understand. For sale people who are new to cold outreach, they can get started with Saleshandy straightaway without much hassle.

Julien O.


Saleshandy is a must for email outreach.
I love the daily saleshandy reports as well as the shortcuts that saves me a lot of time on a daily basis.

Syed Asif S.

CEO Small-Business

"Sales outreach? No sweat with this handy-dandy tool!"
If you're looking for an easy-peasy sales outreach app, then Saleshandy is the one! Don't worry about wasting time figuring out the interface - it's so straightforward that even newbs won't have any trouble getting the hang of it. And if you do, Saleshandy has you covered with their awesome cold email course!

Neo Maulazdi

Owner, PR Agency Small-Business

"Unified Inbox simplified by workflow and saved a lot of time for me"
Saleshandy helped me in reaching out to new clients without any additional costs and add as many email accounts as possible for better deliverability. Also, the Unified inbox simplified my day-to-day process as I can access all my inboxes in my place rather than going to different accounts separately.

Dan R.

CEO Small-Business

"The Handy Outreach Tool for Sales"
Saleshandy has been the perfect tool to help our sales teams up their game. We've used a few others tools before, but so far, Saleshandy has been the most reliable and professional tool for our new cold outreach systems. It's more than just a warm-up and email tool; there are lots of useful features. We have seen our responses and conversions increase since we implemented Saleshandy

Kritcha B.

Owner Marketing and Advertising Small-Business

"The must-have tool for any sales that do cold email outreach."
There are two things I like best about Saleshandy. All the necessary tools to execute and optimize cold email outreach are there. Setting up is straightforward and pretty easy. Starting with email warm-up, upload your list, create templates and sequences, run them, and analyze the reports. Furthermore, go in the settings and tweak them to best match your prospects' behaviors for the best results.

Huzaifa F. )

Head Of Ecommerce Small-Business

"A pretty competitive contender in the cold email industry"​
The ease of using the product is one of the most powerful features. And nevertheless, the new update they have made of putting the limits on the monthly sendings (instead of email slots) is the best decision, making the product more comprehensive and reasonable for the cold email industry.​

Hermes L.

Salesperson Enterprise

"Pretty Handy for Sales"
I like there three things the best: Unlimited email sending, the feature to see the data sent, and the open rate, I can reuse the sequence which performed well and modify the sequence which is not working so well.

Jonnon A.

VP of Marketing Market Research Small-Business

"The most user-friendly and powerful cold email outreach tool"
Saleshandy is my go-to tool when I need to send pitches to clients. I've been a small business owner for a few years now and I've used Saleshandy to contact clients via cold emails. It's been a great experience and I'm pleasantly surprised by the features it offers. Specifically, the email warmup feature has been incredibly helpful in improving my domain reputation.It's a powerful tool that's easy to use and it works great for me. It's incredibly user-friendly, and the integration into the onboarding process has been seamless.

Emily R.

Senior Marketing Manager, Enterprise

Saleshandy, all in one platform!
Saleshandy provides us ease of use with the creation of emails that help us to complete our prospecting tasks in minimum time. It provides us with friendly features which help us to collaborate with our team anytime and anywhere.

Shariful I.

CEO Small-Business

"Perfect cold outreaching platform I was looking for!"
I like using Saleshandy because it lets me set up cold outreach campaigns quickly and helps me maintain the positive print of the domains to avoid being flagged and land the emails in the inbox. I would recommend this tool to salespeople who are looking to reach out to new leads without spending a lot of time and energy on email outreach.

Gino T.

CEO Small-Business

"The perfect outreach platform for our business"​
Saleshandy, checked all the right boxes for what I wanted for my company. A/B Split Testing, a special email spam filter that removes any spammy words found in your outreach sequences or templates, Custom Domain tracking, and the best part about Saleshandy is that you can add unlimited email accounts to increase scale and volume when it comes to cold outreach. The fact that I chose this platform over many others was a game-changer for me and helped me save a ton of money.

Korkut D.

Company Owner Small-Business

"Clean UI, easy to use, I highly recommend SalesHandy to anyone in cold emailing!"
SalesHandy is a comprehensive sales tool that has helped our team improve our communication with prospects and customers. One of the standout features of SalesHandy is the ability to track email activity, including when emails are opened and clicked on. This has helped us identify which messages are resonating with our audience and adjust our approach accordingly.

Vincent D.

IT-Tekniker Small-Business

Easy to use
The ease of use and the onboarding process with SalesHandy. The user-friendly interface made the experience much easier and way more fun. I really hate bad UI and UX. I would definitely recommend this software to any business looking to increase their cold sales productivity.

Usman L.

CEO & Lead Trainer Small-Business

"Streamline Cold Email Outreach Efforts"​
I recently started using Saleshandy for my cold email outreach campaigns and have been extremely impressed with the tool. The automation of follow-ups has saved me a ton of time and effort, and the deep personalization options have allowed me to craft highly targeted and effective emails.The Bounce Guard feature, writing assistance feature and the health score has also been a game-changer for meOverall, I'm extremely happy with Saleshandy and highly recommend it to anyone looking to streamline their cold email outreach efforts and improve their results.​

Niko J.

Founder Small-Business

"Easy & Great Cold Email Outreach tool"
I recently started using Saleshandy and it has been an amazing experience so far. The cold email outreach tool is incredibly user-friendly and makes it easy to manage large lists of contacts. The ability to track email opens, click-throughs and other metrics help me better understand how my emails are performing. I love the fact that I can personalize each email with ease, making it more effective. Saleshandy has definitely made my job easier and helped me reach my targets faster.

Kyle Nowack


Loving Saleshandy so far! This is exactly what my business needed. I've been looking for over a month for software to do what they do but didn't like any of them or they were to complicated. Saleshandy was so easy to setup and the Ul is very nice!

Leonardus M.

Head of Sales, Small-Business

Saleshandy really helpful to manage sales email and verify the email address.
Verify feature email and sequence emails

Hozefa A.

CEO, Small-Business

Effortless Automation of Marketing Campaigns.
We are getting effective results for our Outbound Marketing campaigns. I highly recommend Saleshandy, which is an effective automation tool!

Huy T.

Product Manager and Data Analytics, Senior Supervisor Small-Business

"Excellent tool for cold email" What do you like best?
Saleshandy is very easy to use with the email warm-up feature that can help boost your email rating and go direct to Inbox. One of the key features of Saleshandy is its customizable templates. The platform allows you to create and save a range of templates for different types of emails, such as pitch emails, follow-up emails, and thank-you emails. This not only saves time, but it also helps to ensure that all of your emails have a consistent look and feel.

Jared W.

Digital Marketing Specialist, Small-Business

Saleshandy has been the driving force behind a recent cold email campaign.
Easy to use with great integration. Great customer service.

Experience the joy of meeting your sales goals and beyond.

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