Sell more services

with cold emailing

Sell more services with cold emailing

Saleshandy helps you send personalized cold email sequences to convert your prospects into clients

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It services growth cold email

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Make your cold email outreach more automated, scalable, repeatable & profitable

Never run out of leads

Keep your sales pipeline always warm with new prospects and never halt your outreach process. Find verified leads instantly and add them directly to your Saleshandy email campaigns or sequences.

Avoid manual outreach and put it on autopilot

Automation is the key secret behind all your leading competitors. Get rid of your manual & repetitive tasks, automating your cold email outreach with Saleshandy
to sell more services & scale your business.

Make your email outreach personalized as never before

Get your email campaign highly personalized for high deliverability. Including the recipient’s details like full name, company name, and website with Saleshandy’s custom fields ensure your emails land in the targeted inbox.

Never miss to follow up with your prospects

Manual reminders can lose a new conversation for sale. Saleshandy never misses touching your prospects doing sequences of time-to-time follow-ups, even while you’re asleep!

Know what works for you

No one pitching works for all the prospects. Cold emailing requires trying out various subject lines or versions of email copy to judge what’s working & what’s not. There can’t be a better way than A/B testing with Saleshandy.

Collab and report like a pro

Inputting data and generating reports for your team eats up your precious time. Spend more time on core sales activities while Saleshandy monitors your opens, clicks, replies, and collaborates with your manager in real-time.


“Saleshandy really helped us setup effortless automation for sales – marketing email campaigns.”

Hozefa Abid
CEO-Founder, RubiKon Labs