Get more replies with easy follow-ups

Get more replies with easy follow-ups

Saleshandy helps you improve your reply rate with automated and personalized follow-ups

email followup sequences

Fire up your follow-up process to close more deals

Nurture with multi-stage sequences

Automate your follow-up process with Saleshandy, set up multiple stages to engage, and make your leads reply faster.

llustration showcasing Saleshandy's automated follow-up process, featuring multiple engagement stages to prompt faster lead responses.
Visual representation of Saleshandy's feature enabling personalized follow-up stages through merge tags and custom fields

Personalized follow-ups to get high conversions

Saleshandy allows personalizing each follow-up stage using merge tags and custom fields.

Get replies in your prospect’s time-zone

Make your outreach productive by simultaneously sending sequences to different prospects in different time zones, suitable for the best open rates.

Visual representation illustrating productive outreach with Saleshandy
Illustration demonstrating Saleshandy's domain reputation warming techniques

Deliver into targeted inboxes

Saleshandy warms up your domain reputation with safe deliverability practices, preventing you from sending spam and getting most of your deliveries into the inbox.

Trigger behavior-based response

Keep an eye on your prospect’s behavior and mail them according to their actions. Saleshandy sends trigger-based follow-ups as per your set conditions.

Illustration depicting Saleshandy's detailed analytics, empowering users to optimize every stage of follow-up by making informed decisions

Better decisions with stagewise analytics

Optimize every stage of follow-up taking better decisions with detailed analytics letting you know the prospect’s interest level.

Perform well with collaboration

Involve your team members, colleagues, or managers to collaborate and take a view of every stage performance with a thorough report.

team collaboration in Saleshandy, allowing team members, or managers to view and analyze performance at every stage

“If you’re looking at an automated cold emailing system, dip your toes in the water with Saleshandy, because it’s really, really awesome.”

Kevin O.
Group Manager