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12 Best Cold Email Tools & Software In 2024

31 min read
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So, you’re looking for the best cold email software to automate your sales outreach efforts?

That’s a great decision because by manually sending your emails, you’re not only wasting your time but also missing out on opportunities to grow your business.

But let’s be honest.

It is challenging to find the best cold email software. 

Well, how do I know?

Because it took me approximately 24 days to analyze each software, understand their features, examine the UI/UX, and compare the prices, after which I came up with the top 12 cold emailing tools.

While examining and researching these tools, I learned that not all tools cater to the same use case. Some cold email software offered all-in-one functionalities, whereas others excelled in specific functionalities like lead databases and email-sending capabilities. 

Hence, to help you make the right selection based on your outreach requirements, I have listed these top 12 cold email software tools in the right categories.

However, if you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick TL;DR of the best cold email tools:

  • All-in-one cold email tool for individuals and lead generation agencies who want to scale their cold email campaigns: Saleshandy  
  • Cold email prospecting tool: Apollo 
  • Cold email campaign tools (without database): Quickmail

Best Cold Email Tools- Table Of Contents 

  1. Best cold email software- head-to-head comparison  
  2. 12 Best Cold Email Software 
  3.  Choose the Best Cold Email Software
  4. FAQs 

Head-To-Head Comparison of Top 5 All-in-one Cold Email Tools

G2 Ratings4.6 ⭐ / 54.4 ⭐ / 54.9 ⭐ / 54.8 ⭐ / 54.1 ⭐ / 5
Entry Price$25/mo$32/mo$30/mo$34/mo$25/mo
Customer SupportBestGoodGoodGoodGood
Native Integrations – Salesforce
– Hubspot
– Pipedrive
– Zoho
– Pipedrive
– Aircall
– OpenAI
– Pipedrive
– Slack
– HubSpot
– UpLead
– Calendly
– Dubb
Unlimited Clients (Workspace)
Unified Inbox
Unlimited Email Accounts

Top 12 Cold Email Software to Automate Your Cold Email Outreach 

In this section, I have shared my in-depth review of the top 12 cold email tools with their key features, pros & cons, pricing, user ratings, and reviews.

Therefore, by the end of the blog, you can choose the best cold email tool that suits your business requirements perfectly. 

Here is the list of top cold email software

All-in-one Cold Email Outreach Tool

  1. Saleshandy
  2. Lemlist
  5. Woodpecker 

Cold Email Prospecting Tools

  2. Lusha

Cold Email Campaign Tools  (Without database) 

  1. Quickmail
  2. SmartReach
  3. GMass

Let’s get started! 

All-in-one Cold Email Software

In this category, I have kept tools that enable you to automate your entire cold email outreach process.

From finding and filtering leads to building email lists, automating email sending, writing personalized emails, and tracking important metrics, they can do it all.

1. Saleshandy

G2: 4.6/5 ⭐ (480+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.5/5 ⭐ (120+ reviews) 

You can call us biased! But we have solid reasons to put ourselves as the #1 cold email software– hear us out. 

Saleshandy is an all-in-one cold email software that allows you to find ideal prospects, craft hyper-personalized email copies at scale, and create unlimited email sequences with high email deliverability to send emails that actually get conversions. 

Moreover, Saleshandy’s AI writing assistant enables you to draft unique emails, and with A-Z testing, you can test up to 26 variants of subject lines, email bodies and CTAs and decide what works best for your targeted audience. 

Saleshandy- best cold email software

 With features like spintax and merge tags, you can send personalized emails at scale. These features automatically personalize the email copy and subject lines to maximize open rates. 

The best part? To build a solid sender reputation among the ESPs, Saleshandy offers tools like sequence score and sender rotation. 

Key Features of Saleshandy 

  • Mimics Human-like outreach efforts: Saleshandy’s built-in email deliverability mechanism sends emails in random time gaps to imitate manual sending. 
  • B2B Lead Finder: You can find your prospects’ accurate email addresses and phone numbers with Saleshandy’s extensive B2B database of 700M+ contacts and 60M+ companies, eliminating the need to juggle between different tools. 
  • Automatic email follow-ups: You don’t need to schedule email follow-ups manually with Salesahandy. In fact, you can automatically schedule email follow-ups in your prospect’s time zone to maximize your chances of getting replies. 
  • Cost-Effective Pricing Plans: Saleshandy has cost-effective pricing plans. With these plans, you can connect unlimited email addresses and add unlimited team members and clients without paying additional fees. 
  • AI-enabled Reply Categorization: Saleshandy automatically categorizes replies, such as meeting booked, interested, not interested, etc., in the unified inbox based on your prospect’s intent. Hence, you save a lot of time that would go into reaching out to the wrong prospects. 
  • Direct Outreach Integration: One of the standout features of Saleshandy is that you can directly add leads from lead finder to outreach sequences. 
  • Powerful Integrations, APIs, and Webhooks: Saleshandy supports native integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive. Moreover, it also has APIs and webhooks with which you can connect your favorite tools and boost your outreach efforts.

Pros & Cons of Saleshandy 

Ideal for lead generation agencies who want to scale, as you can add unlimited clients to your workspace without paying a penny.Only 7-day free trial available.
You can connect unlimited email accounts and add unlimited team members without additional cost.
Saleshandy’s pricing plans offer good value for money.
It has a spam word checker to ensure your emails don’t contain any spam-triggering words.
SalesHandy has collaborated with tools like Maildoso and MailScale that can help you set up secondary domain infrastructure automatically.
With an email verifier, you can automatically get rid of expired, fake, or misspelled email addresses.
It has native integrations with popular CRMs.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Outreach Starter: $25 /Month (unlimited email accounts) 
  • Outreach Pro: $74 /Month (unlimited email accounts) 
  • Outreach Scale: $149 /Month (unlimited email accounts) 
  • Outreach Scale Plus 100k: $219/month (unlimited email accounts) 

What do Users Have to Say?

Saleshandy review

Source: G2

2. Lemlist

G2: 4.4/5 ⭐ (200+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.6/5 ⭐ (300+ reviews) 

Lemlist is the next cold email software on our list. You can consider it if, apart from cold emailing, you want to reach out to your prospects through multiple channels.

With Lemlist, you can automate your email, phone call, and LinkedIn outreach efforts and target your leads on the digital platforms where they spend most of their time, boosting reply rates.

Lemlist dashboard

Moreover, Lemlist has amazing personalization capabilities that allow you to customize texts, images, and videos. In fact, you can even build personalized landing pages and embed calendars, CTAs, etc.

Key Features of Lemlist

  • B2B Lead Database: You can access Lemlist’s AI-powered B2B database of 450 million+ contacts to target accurate leads.
  • Email Verifier: Lemlist has an email verifier that allows you to verify your email addresses to reduce hard bounces.
  • In-built Warm-up Tool: Lemlist helps you avoid spam folders with the help of Lemwarm.
  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension: You can seamlessly collect leads and their data from LinkedIn and import them into your outreach campaigns.

Pros & Cons of Lemlist 

You can build multi-channel sequences with the help of AI.Users have encountered many bugs on the platform, especially with Lemlist.
Lemlist extensively integrates with top CRMs, enrichment, and workflow tools.The pricing plan is not suitable for startups and small-sized businesses.
You can personalize texts, images, videos, and landing pages.It has limited integration capabilities for LinkedIn outreach.
With robust reporting features, you can track your response, open, and click rates.It does not have a unified inbox.
The customer support team is very friendly.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  •  Email Starter: $ 32/mo/user/1 sending email
  • Email Pro: $55/ mo/user /3 sending email
  • Multichannel Expert:  $79/mo/user / 5 sending email
  • Outreach Scale: $129/mo/user /15 sending email

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2

Explore the top alternatives to Lemlist here 


G2: 4.9/5 ⭐ (2,400+ reviews) 
Capterra: N/A

If you are an agency or mid-sized business that wants to send high-volume campaigns, you should consider Instantly as cold email software. Instantly offers advanced outreach features like sending cold emails, lead management, analytics, and Unibox.

Instantly dashboard

Moreover, to access Instant’s advanced functionalities, you don’t need to buy their high-paying plans. With its basic plan, you can add unlimited email accounts, warm up unlimited emails, and access necessary cold emailing features.

Key Features of

  • Lead finder: You can get access to a vast database of 160 million contacts.
  • Unibox: With this core feature of Instantly, you can get a centralized inbox to view and reply to your emails
  • Tracking and analytics: Instantly has strong built-in capabilities to capture key metrics like open, click, and reply rate. 
  • Customizable templates: You can choose and customize from an extensive range of templates tailored to various use cases. 

Pros & Cons of Instantly 

You can add and warm up unlimited email accounts.Instantly has limited lead management features.
It offers a global block list to prevent sending emails to specific businesses from your organization.It doesn’t offer multichannel acquisition features.
It has A/Z testing functionality.Lack of native integrations to update data in real-time.
Instantly offers advanced analytical capabilities that allow you for reputation protection & bounce detection.There is no free-plan or free trial available.
It offers API, webhooks, and integration capabilities, allowing you to connect your favorite CRMs & tools.
With Instantly’s lead finder feature, you only need to pay for verified leads.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Growth: $37/mo (unlimited email accounts) 
  • Hypergrowth: $97/mo (unlimited email accounts)
  • Light Speed: $358/mo (unlimited email accounts) 

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2

You can explore Instant alternatives here


G2: 4.8/5 ⭐ (70+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.7/5 ⭐ (3 reviews) 

Smartlead is the perfect cold email platform for you if you are a large-scale lead generation agency handling multiple clients and their email accounts. You can add unlimited email accounts, warm them up, auto-rotate email addresses to improve deliverability, and ultimately send emails to your prospects.

Smartlead dashboard

However, you need to pay $29/mo for each client you add to Smartlead, which can quickly add up to a large amount. This is not the case with Saleshandy. With Saleshandy, you can add unlimited clients and run unlimited campaigns. 

Key Features of

  • Customized White Labeling: Smartlead allows you to add your agency logo and other brand assets to the platform and make it like yours. 
  • Multi-Channel Outreach: With Smartlead’s multi-channel capabilities, you can reach out to your prospects across digital platforms like email, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Unified Master Inbox: You can manage your entire client conversation and deal flow in one place. 
  • AI-Interactions: Smartlead’s robust AI model categorizes your prospect interactions and marks them as interested, not interested, etc. 

Pros & Cons of

You can utilize multi-channel platforms to reach out to your prospects.Limited native integrations.
Smartlead offers great deliverability capabilities.Unclear pricing plans.
You can warm up unlimited email accounts.The UI is quite clunky.
With strong APIs, you can connect your favorite marketing tool directly to Smartlead’s services.If you are an agency, you will be billed monthly $29/mo for adding clients.
You can connect unlimited email accounts.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Basic Plan: $34/month (unlimited email accounts) 
  • Pro Plan: $79/month (unlimited email accounts; there is an add-on cost of $25/mo you have to pay for adding one client)

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2

Click here to explore Smartlead’s alternatives

5. Woodpecker 

G2: 4.1/5 ⭐(40+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.5/5 ⭐ (30+ reviews) 

Woodpecker is an easy-to-use cold email tool that allows you to send personalized email campaigns. This cold email solution has three inbuilt workflow models: cold email, sales assistant, and agency, allowing you to choose according to your requirements. 

Woodpecker - cold email software

Moreover, Woodpecker is better known for its extensive integration capabilities with various popular tools, such as Aircall, Calendly, Zoho, SendGrid, etc. You can connect all your favorite tools with it to boost your sales team’s productivity. 

Key Features of Woodpecker

  • Deliverability Monitor: You can easily recognize and solve upcoming deliverability problems to keep your domain reputation high. 
  • Multi-channel: Woodpecker allows you to contact your prospects in sales assistant and Agency tiers. 
  • Condition-based campaigns: You can set up follow-up email variations depending on your prospect’s behavior.
  • Adjustable daily sending limits: With flexible daily sending limits, you can decide how many prospects you want to contact in a day. 

Pros & Cons of Woodpecker 

With the help of the AI email writer feature, you can send highly engaging email copies.With the A/B testing feature, you can only test 5 message versions.
Woodpecker’s ‘out of office’ filter lets you keep your inbox clean.There are no detailed day-by-day reports.
The customer support team is highly supportive.Multichannel functionality is only available for the Sales Assistant and Agency tier.
Personalization features make your emails highly targeted to increase the open rate.There are no advanced analytical features.
Woodpecker has a sending volume monitor that keeps you within the sending limits of your email providers.Woodpecker lacks lead acquisition features.
The UI/UX is appealing.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Cold Email: $25/mo (unlimited email accounts) 
  • Agency: $25/mo (unlimited email accounts) 
  • Custom: customized pricing

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2

Check out the best alternatives to Woodpecker. 

Cold Email Prospecting Tools

In this section, we have listed cold email software known for their prospecting capabilities. If you want to automate the tedious task of manually finding the leads and validating their accuracy, then you can explore these best cold email prospecting tools. 

Apart from offering prospecting functionalities, these cold email tools also offer other capabilities that you can utilize to optimize your sales process. 


G2: 4.8/5 ⭐ (6,900+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.6/5 ⭐ (340+ reviews) is the best cold email prospecting tool for generating leads by accessing it’s updated and growing live database. You can download its Chrome extension and use it on LinkedIn, Salesforce, Gmail, or any company website to instantly get contact and account insights.

Additionally, you can use Apollo’s advanced filters to find the right decision-makers, filtering them using criteria like geography, job title, company headcount, industry, and more. 

Key Features of

  • Extensive Database Access: gives you access to an extensive database of 270+ million data. 
  • Advanced Search Filters: You can use Apollo’s 65+ advanced filters to segment your data to ensure highly targeted lead generation.
  • List Management: With exceptional list management features, you can select thousands of people at once and add them to organized lists.
  • Data Enrichment: The cold email platform offers data enrichment features, allowing you to enhance the quality of your CRM data.

Pros & Cons of 

With Apollo, you can help prioritize high-value leads and companies using AI.Users have faced bugs when exporting large volumes of data.
You can reach out to your prospects through various channels like email, call, and LinkedIn.You need to pay additional charges to access your prospects’ personal phone numbers. offers a conversation intelligence feature to track, record & analyze conversations.Pricing plans are not effective for startups and small-size businesses.
With coaching, you give your sales reps actionable feedback.You need to monitor the data regularly for accuracy.
You can automatically sync & enrich your CRM data.
Apollo’s buying intent filter aims to help you target potential clients who are interested in your services or similar products.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Free – $0 per month (60 Mobile & 120 Export Credits/year)
  • Basic – $49/user per month (900 Mobile & 12,000 Export Credits/year)
  • Professional – $79/user per month (1,200 Mobile & 24,000 Export Credits/year)
  • Organization – $99/user per month (2,400 Mobile & 48,000 Export Credits/year) 

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2

7. Lusha

G2: 4.3/5 ⭐ (1,400+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4/5 ⭐ (360+ reviews) 

The next cold email platform on our list is Lusha, which you can use to find your prospect’s direct contact information. Lusha has a vast database of B2B contacts and allows you to use company filters like headcount, revenue, and technology to find the companies that fit your ideal customer profile. 

Moreover, Lusha claims that its data is fresh and collected through direct and verified sources like crowdsourcing and AI. You can also be assured that you get fully compliant data, as Lusha has a seven-step data verification system in place. 

Key Features of Lusha

  • Lusha Finder: With this Chrome extension, you can visit any website and get the contact data of a company or employee on the spot.
  • Buyer Intelligence: You can target your ideal buyers based on their interest in your product/services. 
  • Data Enrichment: Lusha allows you to enrich your CRM data automatically. 
  • Integrations: Integrating your favorite CRM and tools with Lusha can save you a lot of time spent prospecting. 

Pros & Cons of Lusha

It has an up-to-date and fresh database.Sometimes you can encounter outdated lead data.
You can enrich emails in bulk.There are bugs with the integrations.
Lusha has a robust API allows you to enrich data in any CRM.Lusha’s outreach feature has major limitations.
It has advanced team management analytics.
With Lusha, you can get job change alerts.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Free: $0/user/month (50 emails, 5 phone credits) 
  • Pro: $36/user/month (unlimited emails, 480 phone credits)
  • Premium: $59/user/month (unlimited emails, 960 phone credits)
  • Scale: Customized (unlimited emails and phone credits) 

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2


G2: 4.6/5 ⭐ (400+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.5/5 ⭐ (200+ reviews)

Apart from being one of the best cold email platforms, Snov also enables you to reach out and verify your emails, which can help you grow your business on multiple fronts.

However, it is important to note that, like the other two cold email prospecting tools, Snov does not have a lead database.

It allows you to build a lead base with various lead generation tools, such as email finder, li prospect finder, Chrome extension, and integrations. cold email sofware

Moreover, it also has a Sales CRM Tool that enables you to manage deals, tasks, and teams more efficiently and gives an overall overview of your pipeline in the kanban board. 

Key Features of

  • Drip Campaigns: The email drip campaigns feature lets you nurture leads, build relationships, and guide prospects to enter the sales funnel using AI.
  • LinkedIn Automation: You can automate your linkedin outreach process with a few clicks. 
  • Email Deliverability Check: Snov takes care of the technical and complex part of setting up your email deliverability to ensure your emails land in your prospects’ inboxes.  
  • Gmail Email Tracker: With this Chrome extension, you can track email openings and click rates from your Gmail. 

Pros & Cons of

It offers advanced email personalization functionalities.The A/B testing feature is not available in basic paid plans.
Snov has a user-friendly interface.Users have reported that sometimes, the email finder was not responsive on LinkedIn.
The platform is easy to use; hence, no learning curve is involved.The platform lacks direct integrations.
You can send unique emails with an AI email writing assistant.Snov has limited reporting and visibility features.
It has effective lead-generation tools.
With Snov, you can seamlessly integrate tools into your workflow.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Trial: $0/mo (50 credits)
  • Starter: $30/mo (1,000 credits) 
  • Pro: $75/mo (5,000 credits)

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2


G2: 4.4/5 ⭐ (540+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.6/5 ⭐ (600+ reviews)

Hunter is a cold email tool that has always been in the prospecting niche and has recently started offering cold email campaigns. You can filter your prospects based on intent-based data filters and choose the highly interested leads in your product. 

Hunter- cold email software

Moreover, with the campaign feature, you can send email campaigns with an easy-to-use layout similar to the regular email inboxes from Outlook and Gmail.

Key Features of

  • Domain Search: With this feature, you can enter a domain name and find the email addresses of a particular company.
  • Email Finder: Hunter’s extension allows you to find the email addresses of key decision-makers in the company.
  • Email Verifier: You can verify your email addresses and avoid hard bounces. 
  • Signals: Hunter gives you the signal using intent data and helps you find your next customer. 

Pros & Cons of

Hunter has a simple and easy user interface.Once the companies remove the emails from their website, they automatically get removed from Hunter.
It usually updates the database with new publicly available emails.Hunter has recently added cold email outreach functionality; hence, it lacks necessary features like warm-up and A/B testing.
You can invite team members and grant them roles and permissions.
A lot of cold email templates are available.
Hunter has a forever-free pricing plan.
Hunter exclusively supports integrations with various third-party tools, CRMs, spreadsheets, and ESPs.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Free: $0 (300 credits)
  • Starter: $34/mo (6,000 credits) 
  • Growth: $104/mo (60,000 credits)
  • Business: $349/mo (6,00,000 credits)

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2

Cold Email Campaign Tools  (Without database) 

We have discussed all-in-one cold email software and cold email solutions that excel in their prospecting capabilities.

In this section, we will cover cold email campaign tools that allow you to set up email campaigns and have advanced campaign settings functionality but do not have a prospecting feature.

10. Quickmail

G2: 4.6/5 ⭐ (80+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.7/5 ⭐ (20+ reviews) 

QuickMail is a cold email software that allows you to build robust teams by adding unlimited team members. To reach out to your prospects smoothly, you can utilize features like auto-warm-up, multi-channel outreach, analysis of reply sentiment, and centralization of client conversations in one place.

Quickmail- cold email software

Moreover, the’ assign replies’ feature allows you to automatically delegate your task to your team members, enhancing effortless team collaboration.

Key Features of Qucikmail

  • MailFlow: You can automatically warm up with the free email warm-up tool for superior email deliverability. 
  • Inbox Rotation: With inbox rotation functionality, Quickmail automatically rotates the mailboxes.
  • A/B Testing: You can test various email copies and CTAs to select the best option. 
  • Email Scheduling: Quickmail allows you to schedule your emails in different time zones. 

Pros & Cons of Quickmail

You can use the blacklist monitoring feature to monitor the companies that have been blocked.The user interface is clunky.
Quickmail has native integration with HubSpot & Pipedrive.It offers native integration with only two CRMs.
With advanced analytics features, you can monitor important metrics.
It has a free auto email warmer.
You can add up to 50 email accounts, even with the highest-paying plans.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Basic: $49/mo (5 Email Addresses)
  • Pro Plan: $89/mo (20 Email Addresses)
  • Expert Plan: $129/mo (50 Email Addresses)

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2

11. SmartReach

G2: 4.6/5 ⭐ (40+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.7/5 ⭐ (20+ reviews) 

SmartReach is a fairly new cold email tool in the industry. You can add unlimited inboxes, do multichannel outreach but like other tools it does not have advanced outreach features. 

SmartReach dashboard- cold email software

Moreover, the platform is intuitive and has uploaded various helpful tutorials that can help you set up all of SmartReach’s functionalities. Also, with the integrated AI email writing assistant, you can quickly write email copies. 

Key Features of SmartReach

  • Omnichannel outreach: You can reach out to your prospects through multiple channels like email, linkedin, WhatsApp, calling & text. 
  • Shared-inbox: With a shared inbox, you can monitor all your replies from one place. 
  • Prospect Management:  You can manage various prospects with advanced filters. 
  • Detailed Analytics: SmartReach’s detailed analytics give you a detailed overview of your outreach efforts. 

Pros & Cons of SmartReach

You can send unlimited emails.It is unsuitable for lead generation agencies and individuals wanting to scale their outreach.
With SmartReach, you can reach out to your prospects through multichannel outreach.The website design is very outdated.
You can do unlimited email warm-ups.Limited integration functionalities.
It has a separate hiring tool.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 

  • Customized pricing plans. 

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2

12. GMass

G2: 4.8/ 5 ⭐ (1,000+ reviews) 
Capterra: 4.8/5 ⭐ (1,100+ reviews)

You should consider GMass as a cold email software if you need a tool that directly works inside your Gmail and Google Workspace accounts. Moreover, you can send automated email follow-ups and send unlimited emails using Gmail. 

Apart from these features, it offers almost similar features to other cold email tools, such as email personalization, email verifier, etc., mentioned in our list. 

Key Features of GMass

  • Set Mass Email Campaigns: With Gmass’s distribution technology, you can send unlimited emails.
  • Email Verifier: Gmass’s verifier feature allows you to check the quality of your list, test links, & fix spam triggers. 
  • Mail Merge: You can integrate Google Sheets with Gmail and use the mail merge personalization feature. 
  • Email Polling:  Gmass allows you to create and embed polls in your emails. 

Pros & Cons of GMass

Suitable for sending bulk emails using Gmail.No unified inbox.
Amazing email deliverability features.Lacks advanced features for cold email outreach.
You can directly import prospects from Google Sheets.The user interface is outdated and clunky.
It has a built-in email verifier to reduce hard bounces.

Pricing Plans (Billed Annually) 


  • Standard: $225 / year
  • Premium: $325 / year
  • Professional: $525 / year


  • 5 Users: $1450 / year
  • 10 Users: $2650 / year
  • 25 Users: $6000 / year
  • 50 Users: $11000 / year
  • 100 Users: $17950 / year 

What do Users Have to Say?

Source: G2

Choose the Best Cold Email Software

If you’ve read till here, you are serious about your cold email automation needs. We would love it if you decided to move forward with Saleshandy.

But honestly, we care more about you picking cold email software, at least—yes, we do not care if it’s even our competitors. We can’t bear seeing you waste your precious time manually sending cold emails and missing multiple opportunities to scale your business.


1. Why should you invest in an all-in-one cold email software?

Investing in cold email software gives you all the functionalities you need to maximize the impact of your cold email campaigns. 

With an all-in-one cold email software like Saleshandy, you can automate your follow-ups and email deliverability process, find leads, and schedule emails based on your recipients’ time zones to book more meetings.

2. What are the important features you should consider while selecting the best cold email software? 

Choosing the best cold email outreach solution can be a make-or-break deal for your business. Hence, you should consider the following factors: 

  • Customizable automation & workflow capabilities 
  • Deliverability tools
  • A/B testing 
  • Customer support 
  • Pricing structure 
  • Analytical & reporting capabilities

3. Can you send bulk emails via cold email software? 

Obviously, you can send bulk email campaigns through cold email software. In fact, by using a cold email automation tool for sending mass emails, you can be assured of maximum inbox placements. 

We wrote a blog on sending 10,000 emails at once, showing a detailed process with which you can send bulk emails with both Gmail and Saleshandy. We also demonstrated why it’s best to send mass emails using cold email software.       

Skyrocket your conversion rates with cold emailing

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