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Cold Email Software: 25+ Best Tools of All the Time (Updated 2020)15 minutes read

Are you looking for the best cold email software to scale your business?

In this blog, we have curated 25+ cold email software interviewing 270+ fast-growing businesses and finding which cold emailing solution was helping them close more deals.

These new generation cold email marketing software now have functions that can get your follow-ups automated, ensuring the best in class email deliverability rate for your campaigns. Let’s dive into the list.

A curated list of Top Cold Email Software:


SalesHandy, with a mission to supercharge your inside Sales Team productivity, ensures the ever-increasing sales figures for their clients. It’s a power-packed tool. Easy to use and easier to get around it.

cold emailing tools

SalesHandy provides you with fantastic services like Email tracking, Link tracking, etc. and helps you make data-driven decisions by showing number of opens, email notifications, etc. Apart from these features, the best feature of SalesHandy is Mail Merge with Auto Follow Up which lets you send out the cold emails and help you build a relationship with your prospect with constant follow up emails.

It’s an all in one Outbound sales automation tool and an effective cold email software for prospecting that enables automated personalized cold emails & follow ups.

SalesHandy has been used by professionals at:

Cold emailing tools saleshandy

Additional Key Features of SalesHandy

  • Send Personalized Email Campaign: Using SalesHandy one can send personalized email campaigns to up to 5000 contacts in a day. Using personalization in the subject line increases open rate by 16% and reply rate by 3%.
  • Automated Follow-up: SalesHandy provides a 2-click follow-up email set-up with the capability to add up to 9 stages of condition-based follow-up emails. Automated follow-ups increase the email campaign response rate.
  • Custom Email Templates: Save time by creating pre-saved email templates and adding them wherever required with just a single click. The team collaboration feature makes sharing of these pre-saved templates with other team members easy. Couple this with template performance analytics and you have a mechanism to know which outreach template is giving your team the best result.
  • Advance Performance Report: You get detailed analytic reports of email bounce rate, email open rate as well as the reply rate each individual emails in an email campaign. The user or admin can download the reports of your campaign and team to evaluate the performance. This performance report will help in optimizing the campaign and increase the conversion rate. is a sales automation tool that provides with features of sales productivity enhancement. Mail tracking, email finding and email verification are to name a few. It has a user interface that saves time by providing stats and reports in their web-app. They also help teams to integrate their marketing activities together.

prospect- best cold email outreach tool


ContactMonkey is mostly known for its email tracking and smooth SalesForce integration. They have just jumped in the field of Cold Emailing by launching their Mail Merge feature. Besides these features, you can also schedule emails using ContactMonkey.

cold emailing tools contact monkey


Rebump is a fantastic app that helps you manage your followups. It will automate your followups entirely and ensures an average of 30% response rate for its customers.

It is one of the most prominently used Auto follow-up tool in the market place.


As the name suggest, their main feature is following up and we all know how important it is to follow up on Cold Emailing Prospects. Most of the cold emailing prospects reply after 3rd or 4th follow up emails and it is one of the best tool to follow them up.

cold emailing tools followup cc


Reply helps you increase your sales outreach and maintains a personal touch with the emails. Emails can be sequenced according to your needs, and you can A/B test them.

Their primary purpose is to induce 1:1 conversions at scale. They claim to take your prospect and communication to the very next level within one platform. While you conduct your client research, it helps you track their activities as well.

cold emailing tools reply


Mailshake is one of the most straightforward solutions for cold-emailing. They provide you with some fantastic content promotion, lead generation, first building, link building, PR pitches and guest post templates.

cold emailing tools mailshake


Gmass provides you with some unique features like a compose window from Gmail, Test mode, Google sheets integration, scheduling, open tracking, click tracking, unsubscribe link, Reports, email list builder, automatic follow up emails, manual follow up campaigns, Reply management, Break Gmail’s sending limits, New messages v/s replies, Personalization, etc.

cold emailing tools gmass


Streak encompasses with a mission of running your entire business from your inbox. They aim at making it simple to manage your everyday processes so that you can close more deals and resolve more support tickets and get things done.

cold emailing tools streak


Lemlist is an all in one cold email software for all the sales professional. Schedule personalized email campaigns, add follow-up stages and land your emails directly in the primary mailbox. Along with personalized cold emails, they also allow you to design personalized images, which makes the whole thing stand out of the league. Lemlist’s dynamic landing page feature makes the tool as one of the best cold email software in the list.

cold Email Tool Lemlist


Woodpecker can be your best cold-emailing partner with some bewildering features like reply detection, cold email personalization, opens and clicks tracking, Teamwork security, etc. It will integrate your mailbox within seconds.



Mixmax comes with a variety of tools which salesperson can leverage from. One-click meetings, send later, mix max sequences, advanced embedding, email tracking, etc. are some of their features.

Mixmax comes with a variety of tools which salesperson can leverage from. One-click meetings, send later, mix max sequences, advanced embedding, email tracking, etc. are some of their features.

cold emailing tools mixmax


Easysendy provides you to automatically segment the email subscribers according to your business requirements in different categories such as name, location and email open or link click action.

This helps you send personalized emails to the targeted segments.

cold emailing tools easy sendy


Klenty gives you an option of over 100+ templates for your cold emailing needs. They help you identify the hot prospects and provide you with features like a smart database, Cadences, manage opportunities, email finders, Gmail extensions, custom fields, CRM Sync, email tracking and advanced CRM integration.

cold emailing tools klenty


Yesware aims at making your sales prospecting simpler. It helps you set up a simple email touch pattern, or layer in calls, automated drip campaigns, and social selling to target busy decision makers from all campaigns. (One on one comparison: SalesHandy vs Yesware)

cold emailing tools yesware allows you to send more emails, make sales calls and do away with manual data entry. Their software allows you to track all communication with your leads in one spot.  

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PersistIQ helps you convert your sales prospect into converting your sales process into our core competency. It claims to be able to scale the human element in addition to the volume of sales emails that you send out each week.

cold emailing tools presistiq


Aweber has some of its core values like creating remarkable experiences, executing with passion, fostering respect and cooperation, inviting feedback, learning, educating, innovating and having fun. It offers a 30-day free trial and proposes features like email newsletters, drag and drop editor, HTML template, campaigns, tagging, autoresponder followups etc.


Smartreach is a simple cold email tool for B2B companies that allows you to send multiple personalized email campaigns with custom merge tags. To automate the outreach campaign, it provides auto followup features that eliminate the manual process and increase the response rate. Along with that Smartreach has a SPAM tester that helps in email delivery in the primary inbox rather than the spam. The advanced analytics with A/B testing empowers the user to build productive campaigns.

cold Email marketing software Smartreach


Sendbloom differentiates itself from the other similar tools by providing with the segmentation tool.

Because of this segmentation, the cold emailing becomes highly relevant and this increases the conversions rate.

cold emailing tools sendbloom


Outreach can be defined as an all in one system which can workflows for sales team more efficient. Salespeople can call or text in any part of the country using outreach and can integrate social media as a part of their sales process.

cold emailing tools outreach


MailChimp doesn’t need any introduction. We all are familiar with MailChimp and used the same at some point or another. It is the best tool to send out Email Newsletters and it has 100+ email templates to get you started with the games. And these newsletters can be sent in bulk and you can analyze the success of your campaigns too.

cold emailing tools mailchimp


Cliently, as the name suggests is all about your clients and prospects. It tracks every conversation and helps you provide leads and followups.

cold emailing tools cliently


TruCadence is a sales engagement software that helps you to connect with your best leads. With TruCadence, you can engage with your leads systematically across various communication modes like Emails and phone calls. It also prioritizes calling cadences so that you can reach your best leads first.

Trucadence cold emailing tool


Remail is the simple solution for cold-emailing. Live tools mentioned above, it makes email outreach easy with personalization and auto follow-up feature. It’s advanced filters recycle the database periodically, select those who have not responded previously and launch a new campaign accordingly. Moreover, you can save your time by using its pre-set email templates. Email scheduling and Email validation are some other noteworthy features that make this tool more useful.

remail cold emailing tool


GrowthGenius is an AI-backed sales prospecting software that helps you close your leads with minimum efforts. It is a personalized data-driven solution for your cold outreach. Just provide the product information to the tool and let the tool close leads for you. After getting your product information, tool engages in the email conversation with your best possible customers, get replies from them and you will get quality leads without putting in too much effort.

Growth genius: cold emailing tool


AutoPitch is an amazing cold email marketing software that empowers the users to create drip sequences. It allows you to send personalized cold email campaigns along with trigger-based automated followup emails to warm your cold outreach prospects. AutoPitch integrates with GMAIL, OFFICE, SMTP. Its Email Scheduling features helps you to send an email at the best time suite for your and email tracking with real-time reporting empowers you to take quick action.

cold email software AutoPitch


Emails are one of the most effective ways for marketers to generate leads for their company. According to a study, 89% of marketers say that their primary channel for lead generation is Emails.

But emailing to so many people using different approaches can lead to decrease morale of Salespeople and which can lead to less productivity but the above-mentioned tools are the solution to this problem.

That’s not all

Hope you find our list of tested “Cold Emailing Software” useful. We will keep on updating it with time. If you believe that there is a related tool that should be on this list, then please do share its name with us in the comment.

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