Maximize Deliverability with Sender Rotation

Maximize Email Deliverability with Sender Rotation

Effortlessly rotate the sender’s email to reach out to more prospects

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Email domain switching on autopilot

Simple and easy steps to automate your email outreach with Sender’s Rotation


Create a sequence

Create an email Sequence with multiple steps and add prospects.


Add email accounts

Bulk upload or add multiple sender emails in your Saleshandy account


Connect email accounts

Click “Add to Sequence” to assign your email accounts to your Sequence.


Activate Sequence

Activate your sequence to launch it with the Sender’s Rotation.


Create a sequence

Create an email Sequence with multiple steps and add prospects.


Share your needs

Clarify your business growth objectives and the outcomes you expect. 


Get a quote

Receive a tailored proposal to address your needs and business challenges.


Start the work

Sign off and get our team working for your cold-email outreach campaigns.

Calculate the necessary emails for your sequence to ensure better deliverability

Send more emails each day by having multiple senders in your sequence

 Work effortlessly to get more emails delivered to your prospects’ inbox

Scale your outreach

You can connect multiple email accounts and rotate them to reach more prospects.

Maintain domain health

If any of your accounts get flagged by any ESP, your entire email sequence won’t be affected.

Improve deliverability

Reduce the number of emails sent per email account

Frequently Asked Questions

The system will start sending emails from the latest connected email – one that can be seen first in the list. Email-sending distribution depends upon the available daily sending limit, active sequences with the same email, and sending interval of the particular email account.

You can connect a maximum of 50 email accounts for Sender Rotation in a sequence. The individual sending limits of your email providers may apply.

You need an active Saleshandy account and at least 2 email accounts connected to your sequence.

If one of your connected email accounts becomes disconnected, you can simply reconnect it to resume normal email sending for follow-ups. However, if your email account gets deleted, your prospects will stop receiving any further emails, even if you add that account again later.

For safe deliverability, sending 50 emails per account is recommended. To send 1000 emails with 5 accounts per domain, you need 20 email accounts for optimal results.

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