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Best Practices for Sender Rotation

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You should follow cold email best practices to get the best results from multiple email accounts.

In this blog, you’ll see how to use Sender Rotation and Saleshandy deliverability tools to get optimal results.

List of best practices

Here are the best practices you can follow to get the best of your deliverability and Sender Rotation.

#1 Alternate domain name ideas

Setting up alternate domains and email addresses is important if you plan to scale your cold email campaigns.

Using alternate domains will prevent your primary email service provider from blocking your mailboxes or spam filters from flagging your primary domains.

To get the optimum email deliverability, check out this FAQ.

#2 Connect multiple email accounts

Connect multiple email accounts to increase the sending volume and reduce the risk of account blacklisting. You can use Saleshandy bulk email exporter for this.

# 3 Authenticate your account

Check for technical setups such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and custom tracking domains to improve email authentication and deliverability.


SPF is an email authentication protocol that allows the domain admin to define the list of mailing servers used from the domain.


The DKIM is a record that lets the receiver know whether an authorized sender sent a particular email.


DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is a protocol that helps protect against email spoofing.

#4 Custom Tracking Domain

Custom tracking domain helps preserve your sender reputation and increase deliverability.

#5 Set up your sending interval 

Before sending your sequences, setting the time interval between them is important.

Sending emails too frequently can trigger spam filters, negatively impacting your deliverability. Setting up email intervals between two emails is advised to keep it more humanistic.

For better results, you should keep a minimum of 90-180 seconds, and recommended is 120-290 seconds.

#6 Gradually increase your emails to scale up

Sending emails in small batches and gradually increasing your number is the best way to avoid spam. By using the Saleshandy email ramp-up, you can accomplish this. 

#7 Make opt-out easier for prospects

Unsubscribe links should also be included in your email to improve deliverability and enable recipients to opt-out.

In Saleshandy, you can set up custom unsubscribe links by going to Sequence > Sequence Settings.

#8 A-Z testing

Create a variety of email copies from A-Z to increase the chances of success and avoid repetitive messages.

#9 Spintax

Use Spintax to personalize your emails and generate multiple variants, improving the chances of reaching the primary inbox and achieving higher response rates.

#10 Use a high-quality email list

It is important to keep an updated & clean email list since people change professions and their emails change. Emails sent to outdated addresses will result in a high bounce rate & negatively impact email delivery.

This is why cleaning and validating your email list is so important.

To validate your list of prospects, go to the Prospect tab in Saleshandy > Upload your prospects and let Saleshandy verify it.


Try Sender’s Rotation and boost your deliverability If you have additional queries, visit our FAQs or help center.

Happy sending!

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